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Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @
Jump to new posts Re: RMB built "Fraser" by LRF @ 52 seconds ago

To paraphrase Monty Python, And now for something completely different: I have been thinking about the recent statements on the news, talking about the government using social media information found on Google, FaceBook, Apple and various forums to d
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: "Goin' to the candidates debate!"-- by KY Jon @ 21 minutes 38 seconds ago

Th big lie is whenever you hear we only want reasonable gun control laws. We don’t want your guns. We’ll one came out and said it directly. Yes we want your guns. It will be just AR-15’s first. Then semi automatic pistols. Then all handguns. It will
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Historically, what was "greased cloth"? by pamtnman @ 59 minutes 8 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: ReplacementI'm just guessing here, but my speculation is a patch of whatever cloth they had handy smeared with whatever grease they had handy. For sure it was not this. Greased cloth was like all of the other load components in
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Stupid Muzzle loading question. by Hal @ Today at 01:29 PM

I said nothing about rifles or spitting down barrels. I chewed the over powder wads up for a few seconds before loading. The only parts of my body in front of those muzzles were a couple fingers.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Iver Johnson’s Arms and Cycle Works by Run With The Fox @ Today at 01:21 PM

The ad mentions a "hooded comb"- what exactly is this. Bill-it took you 60 years to find a .410 bore I-J skeeter-- that is, indeed, true patience. RWTF
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Case or Safe? by damascus @ Today at 11:45 AM

I feel that I may be the exception because I have always kept my guns in their cases. Living as I do in the "Cheshire Gap" one of the dampest parts of the UK along with parts of Norfolk, very early on I realised that keep everything dry is
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: trade label by muchatrucha @ Today at 11:10 AM

No, but I have a hi-res image of one.
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: Nitro Special top lever by battle @ Today at 09:22 AM

Posting pics is easy to this site. Step 1) Google ‘imgbb’ free web hosting site. Step 2) Click on the ‘start uploading’ blue tab in the middle of the screen. Step 3) choose which file you have the pic(s) saved to. Step 4) select the pic you wa
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: Alligator skin covered butt pad by battle @ Today at 08:49 AM

Originally Posted By: SKBThat was not bad to work with, stretched well. Nice leather too. Let’s pic of that?
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Help identifying a barrel set. by John E @ Today at 08:26 AM

The pattern on the top rib might give a clue. Also a picture of the forend lug. It is very similar to an N.R. Davis & Son's model I have.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: 9/11 by craigd @ Today at 08:23 AM

Originally Posted By: L. Brown...."the media" in the United States is hardly "compliant". That might have worked back in ancient times when there were only 3 TV networks. Not now, with a whole bunch of other networks. Not to me
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: that "shine" on a silvers pad by Ghostrider @ Today at 05:33 AM

DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Favorite Game/Gun Picture - 2019 Hunting Season by BrentD @ Yesterday at 11:04 PM

These aren't the greatest pictures but what the heck. We were tealing today. It was a spectacular morning leading up to a long day of rain and storms. But for a few hours, it was perfect. And we got some birds. In fact, using that old Cashmore cl
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Renaissance Wax? by Replacement @ Yesterday at 10:57 PM

I used to use Johnson's Paste Floor Wax on the wood of my oil-finished guns, but I found that it got extremely gummy in hot and humid conditions, even when buffed to a microscopically thin coating. I feel like I should start waxing some of them again
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Flues #267901 12ga project, $225 plus shipping by Recoil Rob @ Yesterday at 10:27 PM

Link to Pictures.... $225 plus shipping of your choice, C&R OK. PM me through here. $10 to Dave. Took it in a trade with another gun, restoration project or, more likely, something to practice on. Has head of stock issues as can be seen
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: 10 ga W. Morse & Co. SxS by ShowMeSon @ Yesterday at 06:32 PM

Update: on the way back I stopped at the Cody Firearms Museum and went to the research department with my question. Their extensive resources revealed no references to W Morse & Co. So next we’ll see what may be hiding under the barrels.
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Ruger Red Label - Iver Johnson by RMC @ Yesterday at 01:54 PM

Sorry about lack of photos, can't figure out how to post. Will email photos. Contact: Or call. cell: 231-622-1888 Ruger Red Label, O/U, 12 ga. Stainless receiver, blue 26" barrel. DOM 1997, 2 sets of long int
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: DIY MEC short kit by Mike of the Mountain @ Yesterday at 01:33 PM

Marks21, what did you do to convert the MEC to an 8 gauge press? Same question for adapting the Supersizer to take the ring off the industrial hulls? This sounds fascinating!!
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: W & C Scott 12 gauge by 2-piper @ Yesterday at 10:07 AM

Thanks, ARGO; Note that after 1954 the word Nitro is not included. The London proof has only the arm & scepter over NP, while the Birmingham proof has the crown over BNP. Doesn't show when the Not for Nitro or Black Powder Only were instituted.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: England bans pigeon and crow shooting by Run With The Fox @ Yesterday at 08:26 AM

I'd gladly take you up on that offer, M'Lord. I'd want to shoot my "pet" M12 12 bore of course, with the 3 shot plug in place. Does your local pub offer "Black and Tans" as does Davey Bryne and the Shamrock pubs in Dublin, perch
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: BUTT TRANSPLANT DILEMMA by DAM16SXS @ Yesterday at 07:15 AM

That looks pretty nice Gil... and they said it couldn’t be done.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: C. Daly by canvasback @ Yesterday at 04:45 AM

Jon and Doug, I think George wrote that post before a photo was posted that showed the HAL mark of Lindner.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: E.M. Reilly; History; Chronology; Serial Numbers by Argo44 @ Yesterday at 04:03 AM

============================================================================== 35554 - SN dated 1907 per chart ..........Sanity Check. This gun just appeared in the October 2019 Morphy Catalog. SN 35554; E.M. Reilly & Co., 295 Oxford St., Londo
Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @
Jump to new posts Re: Sedgley modified magazines by DanLH @ Yesterday at 12:04 AM

Bill, I don't know when Winch started building their Hornets but Sedgley listed their Hornet in the early 1930 catalog and patented their Hornet on an '03 action on 3-22-1932. They also listed their LH conversion in the early 1930 catalog but I have
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: Parker DHE 16 English Stock 28" by bls @ 09/13/19 11:25 PM

Love the factory letter. $100...$25!!! For ejectors. Titanic steel.... doh! Absolute beauty
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