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Merkel Safari Series Double Rifle for dangerous game
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Merkel Safari Series Model 140-2 - Side by Side Double Rifle

The features found on the Merkel Model 140-2 are similar to the features of the medium bore Model 140-1. However the actions are reinforced to accommodate a series of popular dangerous game calibers. Each Merkel Double Barreled Rifle features: Greener cross bolt with double under barrel locking lugs, iron sights, sling swivels, double triggers. In addition to these, the silver-grayed receiver of the Model 140-2 contains arabesque scroll engraving. 

Self-cocking, Anson and Deely boxlock action with cocking indicators, side clips and receiver ledge. 

Locking Mechanism: 
Greener cross-bolt with double under barrel locking lugs. 

Double triggers. 

Manual, tang-mounted sliding safety. 

Case Ejection:
Positive extractors. 

Special cold hammer-forged steel, demi-bloc construction, solid raised sighting rib. Length: 23.6 inch / 600 mm 

.375 H & H
.416 Rigby 
|.470 Nitro Express 

50 / 100 Meter 

Straight comb pistol grip, with cheek-piece, oil-finished walnut. 

 Silver-grayed receiver with Arabesque engraving, engraved border and screws. 

 .375 H & H - 10.5 lb / 4.8 kg 
.416 Rigby - 11.0 lb / 5.0 kg 
.470 Nitro Express - 10.7 lb / 4.8 kg

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