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Chapuis Armes

The Tradition of European Classic Doubles

The Chapuis Armes company was founded in the 1920's by Jean Chapuis, the father of the current owner Rene.

Chapuis Armes has been in business now for almost 75 years. We are proud to provide you a complete range of double rifles and shotguns that represent the three characteristics that make our company successful.

Perfection, Tradition, and Innovation

The company moved in the late 1980's into a brand new factory. Our current facility integrates all our workshops, as well as an underground shooting range with a maximum range of 100 yards.

We have also invested in three large CNC machines that allow us to manufacture all the different parts of the guns. These big investments were made to gain our independence from the previous group of suppliers we contracted with to make certain parts for our guns.

We do now manufacture all operations under the same roof: The manufacturing of all the mechanical parts, the stocks and the forend made out of the fines French walnut, the blueing of the barrels, the thermic treatment, and the regulation of the rifles.

This process gave us the opportunity to increase the control after each step on the manufacturing process, in order to obtain the best quality on our hand made double rifles and shotguns.

With more than 20,000 double rifles sold around the world, Chapuis Armes is the largest double rifle manufacturer in Europe. With over 75 years of experience the Chapuis Armes Double Rifle is the ideal firearm for hunting large game, especially in a dangerous situation such as those encountered while on safari.

As the experienced hunter knows, the ability to fire two quick shots without the risk of a cartridge jam, can mean the difference in life or death, it is here that the Chapuis Armes Double Rifle rises to the forefront. Their accuracy is legendary, and 1-1/2" to 2" groups are normal.

All our Double Rifles, and Shotguns will have a mechanical guarantee for the life of the original owner as long as he owns it.

The company will do the warrant service on all guns that have the "Chapuis Armes" Signature.

Chapuis - Super Sporting O&U Shotgun

Chapuis - St. Bonnet SxS Shotgun

Chapuis - African PH Grade I Double Rifle

Chapuis - African PH Grade II Double Rifle

Chapuis - Jungle Double Rifle

Chapuis - Savana Double Rifle

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