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Photo Gallery

Click on the images for larger versions. The pictures are very large in physical size to show as much detail as possible. The actual byte size is indicated under each picture.

56k jpg

Ruger #1 - Robert Evans

91k jpg

Holland & Holland - Ron Smith

107k jpg

Winchester 22's - Robert Evans

100k jpg

1874 Shilo Sharps - William Gamradt

51k jpg

Walther - Roger Sampson

103k jpg

S&W - Rex C. Pedersen

103k jpg

Colt SAA - Mike Dubber

67k jpg

Winchester - Marty Rabeno

96k jpg

Perazzi - Mike Dubber

97k jpg

Colt 1911 - Robert Evans

89k jpg

Floorplate - Sam Welch

97k jpg

Sharps - Marty Rabeno

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