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Apr 29th, 2024
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Gunsmiths of the Imperial Court. Larderet. Robertovich 05/24/24 11:00 AM
Documents found recently make it possible to supplement the history of gunsmiths Lardere, as well as correct mistakes made by the authors of previous studies.

With Google Translate

[Linked Image from]
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Re: 8 bore Reilly at Holts - Nickel plated? Stanton Hillis 05/24/24 10:41 AM
Short enough to be handy, I would think. He thought the nickel gave it more "presence" and had more of a "quietening" effect. He said if needed it would bring peace out of confusion.

I shot one in college that was cut down to about 12" and the butt had been cut off leaving only a pistol grip. That thing was dainjuss on both ends. The guy who had it carried in in a homemade leather scabbard he had fashioned and screwed to the inside of the driver door of his '69 Barracuda. He was pretty roughshod for college, even down he'ah. Had kind of a Mad Max persona.
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Re: Imman Meffert? ellenbr 05/24/24 10:40 AM
No, the >>540<< has nothing to do with the kalilbre. Probably an assembly # or subcontractor #. But what is interesting is the Imperial Eagle on the underside of the left tube which is more an Arsenal or Sauer type Imperial Eagle. Plus there looks to be a Schilling Forge mark partially covered by the lower rib on the underside of the right tube.


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Re: 2024 Spring Gobbler Season FISHSTICKER 05/24/24 10:19 AM
Took a nice bird with the old B Grade Fox. 1oz 7-1/2 at 1125fps. Stone cold dead at 42 yds. That left barrel throws an unbelievable pattern.
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
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Re: Basic Boxlock disassmebly? Baltimore Arms Co. KY Jon 05/24/24 05:03 AM

Perhaps this will help. Sadly we have lost a couple of the posters from this thread but photos and descriptions might help. I would try a PM to John.
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Re: Memorial Day KY Jon 05/24/24 04:56 AM
Thanks for theirs sacrifice so we may have our freedom from so many things. May we honor them with our actions and never forget them. Jon
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Re: Perazzi factory choke question. Stanton Hillis 05/24/24 01:16 AM
The only way to know is to measure each one with a bore gauge and compare the dims to the bore diameter.
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Re: South Dakota Pheasant Hunting ***2024*** dukxdog 05/24/24 12:41 AM
The time slots I have available which include three meals each day are:

October 23-27 --- 3 spots --- $775 per person ***ONE Spot Available***

October 28-31 --- 4 spots --- $775 per person

November is FULL

The following dates are LODGING ONLY so you provide your own food:

November 30- December 4 --- 4 spots --- $475 per person

December 5-9 --- 2 spots --- $475 per person

December 10-14 --- 7 spots --- $475 per person

50% down is required to reserve your spots.
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Re: Forming the rims in rimfire cartridges Hal 05/23/24 10:04 PM
thanks I am slowly getting it. Guess this means the thinnest metal in a rimfire case is at the edge of the rim...exactly what is needed.
Then to somehow spin primver comp into that area of the case.
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Re: Patterning a gun for Helice / Pigeons PALUNC 05/23/24 09:03 PM
Also shot some Clever Mirage, 1oz, 7 1/2 shot, 1280 FPS.
The Clever's and the Bornaghi's were very deadly. Would not want to be a pigeon.
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Re: Just 4-months to the grouse opener... Lloyd3 05/23/24 05:03 PM
We seem to be having boat problems today, so... not feeling all that lucky at the moment. BOAT stands for "Bust Out Another Thousand" up here (& probably everywhere else too). Both boats are actually down at the moment. It might even end-up abbreviating my trip as it stands right now. Not much to do here if you can't fish.
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Re: Remington 1894 for sale Marks_21 05/23/24 03:29 PM
Don't let an underbidder snag that 16!
What's the price on that bad boy?
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Re: Ron Forsyth - Australian Author and DGS Member Jason Dubois 05/23/24 02:11 PM
I found my copy in my library. The personalized inscription by the author is dated June 2000. 24 years of CRS, but I think it was when Ron gave me his mailing address to send payment which had his real name that I realized Ron was his pen name. I can't find any emails more than 20 years old so I guess it's gone. The picture of the back of the book shows Ron as a middle aged man, so 25 years later he is either much older or departed.

There are probably lots of forum members who were here in 2000 that are no longer with us.

For any newer forum members who didn't get a copy of Reflections, a quick search will turn up used copies for sale. I read a chapter this morning when I got up. I think I'll go back and reread the book.
I remember enjoying it in 2000 and if you read this board, you will probably enjoy reading it too.
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Re: Speaking of Rust Bluing.... SKB 05/23/24 10:35 AM
Thank you for that comment regarding Mercuric Chloride. I make my own browning solutions using a formula out of Angier's book, minus the Mercuric Chloride. I find that with a high polish and being careful of time, temp and humidity I can get a nice high luster finish without the very fine micro-pitting. A high polish is required as well. I have no experience with the earlier formula's contain the more toxic ingredients but what you say makes perfect sense. I have found that with the formula that I use, even without the MC I need to reduce the strength of it. It appears the original formulas were very strong indeed.
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Svelte Emil Kerner 16ga Blitz action, 5#-9oz, 28"+ Recoil Rob 05/23/24 02:34 AM
This gun is a wand. A shade over 5-1/2 lbs with barrels a shade under 29".

This is a "Blitz" or trigger plate action gun. Makes for a slim, round bodied action, comfortable to carry.

Has cocking indicators, doll's head, double underlugs. Fine checkering, Greener safety, ivory bead, horn forend tip, swivels, nice little gun.

Apparently Emil Kerner was a retailer and most of the guns were made by Merkel or Sauer, this looks more of the Sauer style.

It's marked "Emil Kerner Suhl" on the left barrel and "St. Louis" on the right, perhaps they were thinking of importing to the US?

There is no proof date code, only a s/n, 1817 on most parts. Suhl started requiring proof date codes in 1923.

The original LOP at 13-5/8" was too short for me so I had a pad added (without cutting the stock) to bring it out to 14-5/8". I am including the original buttplate and screws which can be reinstalled if desired (see last picture, not screwed down yet).

Nice gun for a young shooter with plate and add pad or wood extension later on.

C&R Eligible.

$1850 plus S&I.

Link to images...

Emil Kerner 16 bore, # 1817

28-13/16" bbls,

2-9/16" chambers

Weight 5#, 9oz
left barrel Emil Kerner, Suhl
right barrel St. Louis

right. bbl left.bbl

bore 0.673 0.669

choke 0.638 0.630

constriction 0.035 0.039

OD @ muzzle 0.760 0.746

minus choke 0.122 0.116

X.05 = wall 0.061 0.058
@ muzzle

long, tapered chokes

LOP 13-⅝” w/ plate 14-⅝” w/ pad

DAC 1-5/16”

DAH 2-7/16” w/ plate 2-9/16” w/ pad

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Re: A Dickson round action for sale soon in GB Ted Schefelbein 05/23/24 12:25 AM
Originally Posted by KDGJ
It looks like the stock had a crack near the head and was repaired.


Agreed. Trigger guard screw, although not well pictured, seems like it might be a replacement. No foreign bidders. No credit cards.

Good thing I was born with this here plastic spoon in my mouth…

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Re: rifle stock warp help PhysDoc 05/22/24 09:29 PM
I wish you could have heard my contented sigh and the smile is still on my face as a piece of paper wrapped around the barrel was able to be slid past the forend tip.
We will see what things are like tomorrow but for now, I am enjoying the moment.
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Re: 1915 J P Sauer 12g shotgun. Thruxton 05/22/24 07:42 PM
Well, that was much more straightforward than I imagined it would be. By carefully pushing in the correct upward direction, shielding my thumb with a small square of leather on the painfully shaped sear arm the tension on the pivot pin was slackened and it all came apart easily. The mainspring was compressed with a trusty piece of yew wood with a "V" in the end and the tumbler pivot pin was released and removed. It looks like the small connecting piece between the tumbler and the cocking indicator is missing but I can live with that. Everything was in tidy condition and just needed cleaning and polishing before re assembling and repeating the process on the other side. Whilst I was in the vicinity I dismantled the top lever, its pivot shaft, the bolt and the Greener/Kirsten assembly, cleaned everything and popped it back where it came from.
The stock had seen some life, with a couple of cracks at the top front caused I think by the breech and hand pins coming loose at some time which required a careful repair of a tapered and oval hole through the stock for the breech pin. The front cracks were cleaned, drilled for a dowel and glued back together. Finally, the stock had been cut down to about 12" which needed an extension made and fitted, from the remains of an old stock I had knocking about. It won't win any prizes but it looks workmanlike which applies to the whole gun really.
Pictures to follow, either by myself if I can crack the technology or via the kind offer of "ellenbr" above.

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Re: USHA Championship livestream today AZMike 05/22/24 07:10 PM
Drew, I remember the shoot well, I was evaluating/testing ACME ear protection for the company. The humming is mostly gone........
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Re: Vereinsbüchsenmacher Franz Denk Wein-Prater ellenbr 05/22/24 04:13 PM
[Linked Image from]

I was trying to run down the pool of possible engravers and Mr. Neuberger gives that JSE used engravers Doris Seidler, who was the wife of an JSE employee, Matzinger, Winkler and any contract engraver in Ferlach.


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Re: Birmin ham chic ed good 05/22/24 02:15 PM
sale pending...

will be in touch if deal does not happen...
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Double Rifles, Paradox Guns & Gauge Rifles @ Jump to new posts
Re: H. Scherping 9.3x72 ellenbr 05/22/24 12:51 PM
Yeah, I am going to go back & re-read Wirnsberger in German & English and then you & I can cross swords in a week or so.


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