Bel/German percussion Jager rifle? BGlass 06/25/24 02:29 AM
I have this 60 calb. rifle. the title above is what the seller told me but i believe he was just guessing. it is unique from the flared 8 sided barrel with 7 deep rifling with lighter grooves inside of each. the basketweave is a lot nicer then checkering. it even has some on the sliding patchbox. it has the 2 "triggers" with the front one the real hair trigger and yes you barely touch to set off. on the left side is engraved IGNATZ with the N being slanted back. on the right side is engraved WAGNER with the N being slanted forward. on top inlaid IN PLASZ or 1N PLASZ hard to tell as some letters have hooks on them. on this one the S is slanted forward and the Z is slanted back it also has a line going threw the middle. on the rear sight not only does it have the fixed sight but has 2 more fold up leafs. by the way the barrel is 25" long. has a silver badge centered on the steel behind hammer looks to be a fancy S small t
Somebody did a lot of Tap tap on this one. I really like the sea serpents or dragons on both sides.
I love the history of old firearms! The last couple years picked up some that i think made it across the pond.
I have not been able to figure out how to put pictures on this site yet. seems wants a URL this is not my strong suit. send me a E-mail if you would like pictures and be patient as can be gone for days at a time.
Just in case this makes the site "I am a virgin here" if i do not receive any E-mails will post mine.
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