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Re: No 9 lead shot usefulness Parabola 08/05/21 10:51 AM
I had a similar experience with a friend’s dog when I shot a young rabbit too far back with a .22 Hornet.

The dog, a 3/4 Labrador 1/4 Collie, was usually very efficient but my friend’s puzzlement he seem to be spending quite a while fiddling around.

He eventually came back with a disgusted look on his face preceded by a fan of rabbit legs that he was gingerly holding by the paws with the sticky bits as far as possible from his muzzle!
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Re: Cracked stock? damascus 08/05/21 09:38 AM
That looks like the stock makers nightmare an internal stock blank crack. This sort of problem could be hidden by a craft stock maker because he would have sufficient matching wood he had removed during the basic shaping to patch it. Like a lot of production today the use of duplicators for producing the stocks basic shape with wood removed that is a little better than sawdust so no chance of a good patch repair. It looks like the crack has been filled with an epoxy filler and leveled down before it was truly hard, Oh! the benefits of mass production and poor quality control, and a machine minder's ham fisted attempt to make things better.
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Re: Gun Fit Measurements Mark II 08/05/21 02:10 AM
One thing very few people figure in is the shape of the comb. The measurements seldom account for drop at face, and the comb profile is never quantified. A consistent gun mount must be developed before any fitting numbers are meaningful. As mentioned the mechanical influence of bore and choke being concentric, convergence of patterns on target. As Brister said art and science.
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Re: T. Stensby 3" Stanton Hillis 08/05/21 01:15 AM
Originally Posted by mc
EDD If you bought this gun it would raise the quailty of your inventory by 100%

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Re: Otto Bock 3-bbl rifle - 16ga / 8x58r Sauer / 30-30 ellenbr 08/05/21 12:43 AM
Ok, a follow up question then: what is Gebrauchsmusterschutz No. 61920?


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Re: Parker DH 10 Gauge for sale 16 Shooter 08/04/21 11:59 PM
Updated Price
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DIY Gunsmithing @ Jump to new posts
Re: How to tighten loose barrels Stanton Hillis 08/04/21 11:45 PM
Thanks for that pic, damascus. I've never seen a punch made like that. Appreciate it, that's learning for me.
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Re: 16 ga parker vhe two sets of barrels ed good 08/04/21 10:21 PM
wiki thingy?

an who was sam hill?

an who said " the essence of sumthin is often lost in the details"?
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Re: Anyone know what this is? Joe Wood 08/04/21 10:14 PM
Beautiful piece of wood and workmanship. Congratulations! But wouldn’t hanging it over your finger give you the same answer?
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this sum hit up pretty good ed good 08/04/21 09:31 PM
ot ah know, but this is so well put and too important not to try to share here...

submitted for my friend keith...
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Re: Francotte Exposed Hammer Shotgun Information Drew Hause 08/04/21 09:28 PM
It would be an enormous help if Bob Beach would look in.
His Francotte tutorial is here

I don't know when Auguste Francotte & Cie began marketing Francotte Arms guns, but here is a thread with a 1961 gun

The lettre annale is a lower case theta for 1953.

Here is another Francotte Arms

P1K379.5 is the barrel weight at the time of proof = 3.041#. If the barrels now weight > 3% less (from honing) the gun is considered to be out of proof.

The original bore was 16.9 mm = .665"
R barrel constriction is 16.7 = .657" = .008" choke = Improved Cylinder
L barrel constriction is 16.4 = .646" = .019" = Modified

It has 65mm = 2 1/2" chambers

Siemens Martin steel is a quality product
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Re: Charles Hellis 2" double battle 08/04/21 06:07 PM
Originally Posted by ed good
gee battle, should i trash your for sale threads like you did mine? ah think not...

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Re: E.M. Reilly; History; Chronology; Serial Numbers AlanD 08/04/21 10:54 AM
Make that 6 people.

Keep up the good work!


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Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @ Jump to new posts
Re: Did S-man checker this '03 NRA sporter? DanLH 08/04/21 03:29 AM
I got it from Tempe, AZ. But my first S-man rifle that I got at Tulsa came from CA but the story that went with it was a widow in CA was selling and she said her husband had bought it at Paul Jaegers in PA. So these guns do get around the country.
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Re: Merkel 12ga SxS For Sale MRPetro 08/03/21 11:59 PM
For those that asked it is not a Merkel case, but it is a very nice generic
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German & Austrian Sporting Guns @ Jump to new posts
Re: Advice on where to seek a first drilling Der Ami 08/03/21 11:01 PM
I think you made a good, well reasoned, choice. I started using a 7x57R in 1971 and have never regretted the choice. You stated you can reload the 7x57R with standard 7x57 dies, but with the correct shell holder. That is how I always loaded for mine. As I was loading 30-40 Krag, at the time, I opened up the 30-40 shell holder with a Dremel tool and used it. The correct shell holder won't be hard to find now. I had the best results with bullets 160- 173 grains and fairly slow powder( 4831). Newer powders may be better than 4831. When I started, I had to sort Berdan primed cases from Boxer primed ones, but you will likely only encounter Boxer primed ones. The American primers and bullets are proper so you will have no problems. Also, you will find the 6x42 scope is excellent in low light, I have a 6x42 Hensoldt on my favorite drilling and have complete confidence in it. Good luck, I hope you take a deer with it this year.
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Re: 1889 Parker CH Hammerless 12 Gauge Drew Hause 08/03/21 07:48 PM
Beautiful gun with what appears to be Grade 5 wood

Grade 4

[Linked Image from]

Grade 5

[Linked Image from]

These folks will know
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1923 Lefever (Ithaca) 16ga. Nitro Special, High C Recoil Rob 08/03/21 05:37 PM
A high condition Nitro Special from 1923, this gun retains over 95% finish.

A couple tics on the left tube, looks like there is a small fill behind the top tang.

$850 plus shipping

Link to pictures.

16 gauge, 28" bbls., 2-3/4" chambers
RT barrel, .658 bore, .016 choke
LT barrel, .658 bore, .021 choke
LOP, 14-1/4
DAC, 1-3/16
DAH, 2-3/4
Slight Cast Off
Weight, 6lbs. 10oz

This gun is C&R eligible where legal.

I am not an FFL, so if your FFL will not accept the gun from me please find another.

Buyer to pay actual shipping by USPS Registered mail.
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Re: 2021 Dove Season countdown timer PawleysJim 08/03/21 04:04 PM
We planted 3 fields in corn, sunflower, wheat & rice...almost didn't get anything in. Early season plantings had good rain, but we had to wait through a 2 month drought and got the sunflowers in 80 days before our opener Sept. 4th.
Hope that our sunflowers are the 70 day variety... we have had decent rain since and are looking forward to a great season, well a better season than last year...setting a low bar with that! Last year suxed!!

BTW, early season I'll be shooting my Janssen & Son 20 ga. and later in the season A 2.5' 16 LC Smith field.
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Re: beat the coming price increase ed good 08/03/21 04:03 PM
gee foxie, your applause is appreciated...
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DIY Gunsmithing @ Jump to new posts
Re: wood charcoal for case color Mark II 08/03/21 03:23 PM
I found somebody who has enough for me to get what I need done. I have a feeling I will have to come up with a new source. Thanks to all who have contributed.
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DoubleGun BBS @ Jump to new posts
Re: Parker shotgun with side clips? Run With The Fox 08/03/21 12:00 PM
Neither do I topgunny- I am more a pre-64 Winchester man, with a smattering of knowledge of Colts and L.C. Smiths. RWTF
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Re: Ithaca SKB 100 20ga 28" SxS, 3", SST, 5lb14oz L. Brown 08/03/21 09:47 AM
Good price for one of those. Quite a few grouse and woodcock hunters like the same gun with 25" barrels. Even lighter. But I've owned both, and the 28" version worked better for me. Seemed less whippy. But you either need to shoot spreaders or have the chokes opened for grouse and woodcock.
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Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @ Jump to new posts
Re: A fact about AA 5744 DanLH 08/03/21 03:36 AM
I'm a long time member and competitor in cast bullet matches and 5744 has been a very popular powder, especially in the military rifle matches and many records have been set using it. The original surplus 5744 was really good and it was cheap when it came out. Some of the new made lots may not be quite so great.
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Re: London muzzleloader proof marks Parabola 08/02/21 08:16 PM
From the positioning of the 09 or 60 marks close to the witness marks aligning the barrels and breech plugs my guess is that they are assembly numbers to make sure the right plugs were threaded into the correct barrels.

The B over 10 might be a local colonial (or Irish) registration mark.

They are not part of the Proof marks.
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