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Nov 17th, 2023
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Re: Uh, Oh, this ain’t good…. Dennis Potter 12/09/23 04:37 AM
The Parker reproduction barrels are entirely brazed together, ribs, and all. I imagine the barrels sets were brazed in a controlled atmosphere furnace. I would guess this lump asy could be re-brazed, but would need fixturing. Not an easy task, for sure.
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Re: Morphy's Auction Owenjj3 12/09/23 04:02 AM
I’ll be honest, I have not been following Morphy’s lately. Since the Julia’s merger I have seen a decline in the quality of English gun offerings and unreasonably high prices compared to auctions in England. I checked some of the results of this weeks’ auction and was surprised at the quality and that many prices achieved were reasonable.
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Re: Heat bluing Cold1 12/09/23 02:27 AM
The method that works for me for torch bluing small screws is to use a piece of thin, no thicker than .125, brass, drill holes in the brass stock for the screws to pass through, then heat the brass with the torch. The heat goes through the brass to the screws and the color change happens slower so easier to control. When the desired colored is reached just dip into water to stop the change.

For larger screws I have a small can of chips from the lathe and lay the screws on the chips and heat the can from the bottom.
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Re: OT, Bourbon or Scotch John Roberts 12/09/23 01:52 AM
And further, Wild Turkey 81 is for amateurs.
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Re: bill graham Cold1 12/09/23 01:40 AM
Originally Posted by Stanton Hillis
Without pics, it didn't happen Cold1.

Let's try this pic posting thing here.

A few caveats, just a cell phone camera, im not a professional photographer, no special lighting just sunshine.

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Installing Soft Recoil pads mc 12/09/23 01:24 AM
The jig I have is BSquare pad jig very simple idea
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Re: Never forget Stanton Hillis 12/09/23 12:41 AM
Originally Posted by gil russell
Back when men were men.........

Do we have enough men today who would take up the fight to defend freedom? I wonder. I do see a bit of a resurgence in patriotism, post kneeling for the anthem. I saw a T-shirt for sale recently that read "If trouble must come, let it come in my time, that my children might live in peace." That reflected my feelings perfectly.

I am cautiously optimistic, but then again, that is how I am wired. I am about as far removed from pessimism as one can be.
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Re: My team of GSPs Vol423 12/08/23 11:58 PM
The pup's tail is longer than shown there. His tail was on a right wag when the photo was taken.
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Re: Gamebore Regal 12 ga 2.5 in shells PALUNC 12/08/23 11:17 PM
I purchased some of the Gamebore EVO 2 1/2" shells last summer. 1220 FPS, they were pretty "HOT" to say the least. In fact I had to give up shooting them that day because the pressure was so much I couldn't open the gun after shooting the first shot at each station.
They were felt wads, not sure if that had any effect on the way they performed.
Shot one box, sold the other nine boxes.
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Re: Sheck Shotgun Shells ksauers1 12/08/23 08:05 PM
Salt Creek is very expensive. I inquired about some lead loads but they were damn near as expensive as bismuth. I have bought some bismuth from them in 2 1/2 and 2 3/4” .

I don’t think Shenk was prepared for so many orders. It’s my understanding that all back orders have been filled. I hope he learned a lesson. Build up some stock first.
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Re: Oberndorf Mauser Modell S 7x57 Vall 12/08/23 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by Der Ami
The next time you want to move a 9.3x57R, PM me, I have been "in the market" for one, for a while.

Since you will keep using 1.8" cases, you might look at the new 360 Buckhammer cases. The Buckhammer is based on the 30-30 case with a .358" bullet and shortened to 1.8" to meet the case length requirements of the states that now allow straight case cartridges for hunting deer. You may only need to fireform and not trim them.

Thanks Mike!
With a lot of excess brass in things like .32 Win. Spl. that I don't own a gun for, plus a huge supply of .38-55 brass that I have a half dozen guns chambered in; my supply of brass is great. And since the .32 Win. Sol. is already too short to open up for my .38-55's and .32-40 rifles, it's easy to expand to .38-55 and then they're close enough that they don't need fire forming prior to loading. Just run them into my Lyman M die to expand, and then into my .38-55 die, and slightly trim to length.
The .360 Buckhammer brass is far too new to be an option as it's not been around long enough to find cheap brass. Plenty of cheap .32 Win. Spl. brass if I needed more, but I've probably got plenty to last anyone a lifetime.
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Re: One for you old timers Steve Nash 12/08/23 06:13 PM
As someone with a long silver ponytail, I have to say something...

Great to see people enjoying themselves with old guns. Put someone in the group with a pin-fire, firing three or more shots to everyone else's, and it would take you back to the 1850s. It is easy to see the part horror, part jealousy, that some would have felt to the new invention!

Thanks for posting the video.
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Re: FS: one Share hunting preserve, Gettysburg, PA eightbore 12/08/23 04:20 PM
My dad and I shot pheasants on this property in the early sixties. Our wild bird hunting was a few miles to the northwest of this farm. We would shoot our limits of wild birds and finish our day at this commercial operation. It has always been run by professionals, in the sixties by a retired PA game warden named Stipe. It is a little out of my wheelhouse these days, but some of my shooting friends are members.
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Re: Annealing brass Der Ami 12/08/23 03:35 PM
If you hold the cases in your fingers, by the head, and turn(twirl) them in the flame of a torch it is not possible to hold them until the heads are hot enough to anneal. Steel and brass work differently when annealing. Somone mentioned annealing cases causes them to buckle at the shoulder. This is a valid consideration, especially if the necks and shoulders are overheated and they are being expanded with the sizing die's expanding button. If overheated, but fireformed, buckling will not occur during the initial expansion. In severe cases of overheating and fireforming buckling may still occur when the expander enters the neck during the sizing for loading. This can be reduced by lubricating the inside of the neck and/or using a tapered expander. Generally, this sizing and the subsequent expansion when the cartridges are fired causes enough work hardening that buckling is not likely to occur afterward.
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Re: how bout dis grulla por favor ed good 12/08/23 02:05 AM
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Re: Dan’l Fraser 20g SKB 12/08/23 02:03 AM
more pics when it arrives

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Re: got a good laugh battle 12/08/23 12:04 AM
No it was apart. Maybe they got it together, I never heard from them again.
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Re: Polywad Dan S. W. 12/07/23 09:16 PM
Last order I placed with them was in late 2017 and there were issues then.
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Re: Gibbs #800 skeettx 12/07/23 07:43 PM
Wonderful, wonderful and
T'will be fun to shoot
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Re: Alex Henry 12ga underlever hammergun 67galaxie 12/07/23 06:44 PM
Mmmmmmmm 15" lop
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Re: C.S. Rosson Boxlock Daryl Hallquist 12/07/23 03:36 PM
alasys182 check your personal messages [pms]
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Re: E.M. Reilly; History; Chronology; Serial Numbers Argo44 12/07/23 03:12 AM
After looking for photographs for some time and using map studies, I think I have at least the outline of 502 (16) New Oxford Street identified. It is indeed a substantial building that must have had 8,000 sq. feet of floor space. That was the quintessential London "factory," perhaps the largest of its kind at the time. Donald Dallas used to walk past the building before it was rebuilt and I've asked him to confirm the preliminary results about its location. Surely someone has tourist photos of that block from the 1960's.

This has been posted on the history:

[Linked Image from]
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Re: 336 diet plan mc 12/07/23 02:57 AM
My first marlin was a 101 single shot 22 I got for my 10th first levers gun was a marlin 3030 model ,36 great guns lots of fun I had a new condition m81 in 3855 I sold and of course regret it.
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Re: Posting photos here DropLockBob 12/07/23 12:34 AM
Anyways, this is the model I suspect it could be. (from the 1900 Cashmore catalog).

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Remington leaveing Ilion NY for Georgia arrieta2 12/06/23 05:55 PM
We will ship some more migrants from Texas to New York to fill the void. Bus filling up now.

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