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DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: WANT TO BUY AN AMERICAN DOUBLE by ed good @ Today at 02:52 AM

your 410 looks like a 311...why not get a 311 in a 12 bore?
Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @
Jump to new posts Re: Krag sporter project? by Tinker @ Yesterday at 11:17 PM

Have you fellows run H4350 with the 220 grain cast bullets? I'll be loading that powder with the Ideal 311-284 later this week.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Trapping the target... by Ted Schefelbein @ Yesterday at 10:32 PM

Originally Posted By: Tim in PAYou know, you're a real piece of work. The gun grabbers start showing up, just like people here have said, and you're Mister "nothing to worry about here, 2A is safe, just like I said". The only reason it's
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: wtb: older 10ga fiber or felt wads by tanky @ Yesterday at 08:46 PM

HighWall, check your PMs tanky
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Favorite Game/Gun Picture - 2020 Hunting Season by craigd @ Yesterday at 08:21 PM

That looks like great game prep, how could they not turn out tasty.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: light weight lc smith 12 bore by ed good @ Yesterday at 08:19 PM

ah don call on activist... anybody got one similar they would like to talk about?
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: R.I.P. STEVE BARNETT by Karl Graebner @ Yesterday at 06:49 PM

I had the occasion to talk with him on the phone and found him always pleasant and informative. The double gun world has truly lost a great man. My prayers for him and his family. I do hope his son will continue his legacy. Karl
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts WTB-- by Run With The Fox @ Yesterday at 05:56 PM

A original unbroken buttplate for a 20 gauge M1200 Winchester-with the 2 factory screws pls- I have a mint Cutts comp full choke .410 gauge for sale, or trade for the BP--RWTF
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: Making a Firing Pin by Der Ami @ Yesterday at 04:39 PM

Brent, No, I think the way he intends to make it is best, considering equipment on hand. Mike
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Is anyone still doing full length sleeving? by Toby Barclay @ Yesterday at 03:48 PM

8b, Kirk is definitely an option, I am told that his sleeving is excellent although I have never personally seen an example. However, I have heard it said that due to pressure of work, him waiting times are long and even a rumour that he has stopped
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Ithaca by ed good @ Yesterday at 03:37 PM

less costly, but not as comprehensive is a google search... what you dont find on the net, come here an ask us the really tough stuff...we love dat... and then, if we don know, then walt, the ithaca mavin his self may chime in... an if he don know,
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Parker VHE 12 Ga on 1/2 Frame by Researcher @ Yesterday at 01:30 PM

As I said back in the beginning of this thread -- Quote:Just need two Parker guys that have to have a 1/2 frame!!
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Morphy auction prices / results by eightbore @ Yesterday at 12:01 PM

USA auction prices on good side by sides are still more than we would pay. Unfortunately for the sellers, the difference between "more than we would pay" and what the sellers receive is approaching fifty percent, if all expenses are added
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Patterning steel shot by bill schodlatz @ Yesterday at 10:38 AM

The only choke tubes I have seen shoot good patterns at 40 yards with coarse steel shot are Briley Extended I MOD chokes. We tried C, S, IC, LM, and Mod and the result was cat sized holes in the pattern. The reason for the test wasBrowning would not
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: 16 Gauge Ithaca Lefever Nitro Special 28" by ed good @ Yesterday at 09:28 AM

awl right! now, lets make the final doublegun deal for 2020! happily, all of this years inventory has been sold or is pending...only one classic american hunting gun left for sale... and what a beauty she is a direct link to the listing w
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: Hardening cheap hammers by Kutter @ Yesterday at 09:07 AM

"Cheap' gun hammers and internal parts in general are usually case hardened low carbon steel. Usually a very thin case. Check an edge on the part with a not-so-good file and see if you can file thru a thin case and into the soft core. If you ca
German & Austrian Sporting Guns @
Jump to new posts Re: Unique Lindner found by canvasback @ 11/22/20 07:27 PM

So it's pre-1893 Raimey, with the crown over pistols. Also the older style side bolsters on the action.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: looking for help with a sxs punt gun by tigertrout @ 11/22/20 06:18 PM

David...... Bernie was such a good honest guy, I miss him.
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: Barrel striking by Der Ami @ 11/22/20 06:15 PM

hereford, Check Mark11's comment above, pinning in the file will make "gouges" that "polishing" won't get, they may have to be filed out. Loading the file with chalk helps, otherwise you might have to clean it after every stroke
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Pinfire blanks by AaronN @ 11/22/20 05:56 PM

Southams, and Decemeber 10. More relevant to this audience however may be a bunch of Eley pinfire shotshells up for auction:
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: 20 Gauge Fox AE 28" by ed good @ 11/22/20 02:41 PM

thank you jOe, for your support... re: high gloss stock finish on early 20's era a grade fox guns... here is a link to the auction description of one that recently sold for a good price...
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Francotte 20E 12 bore by battle @ 11/22/20 01:12 PM

30” nitro steel ejector barrels. 14 1/4” LOP 1 1/2” DAC 2 1/2” DAH 7-5oz weight $2800 OBO Send email to request additional pics.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts ah fox vs jp sauer by ed good @ 11/22/20 01:07 PM

early guns look very similar outside... how bout inside? how are they different?
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Hammer repair the wrong way. by John E @ 11/22/20 08:22 AM

Originally Posted By: SKBFixtures my good man. I would clamp the lock to a piece stock and put the stock in the vise. ...Ditto.
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: Recut checkering on Parker by LetFly @ 11/21/20 07:59 PM

Thanks. I will put in some practice on an old piece before starting with the Parker.
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