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Re: Ideas on re-sizing Rocky Mountain brass 10 g hulls skeettx 05/18/21 06:57 PM
NO !!

Proper tool for the proper job !

Get a 47 and a 20
Get the 20 in 10 gauge.

I push the hulls into the ring/tube with either a vice or 12 ton shop press. Go slow and use
Imperial Sizing Wax.

Make a push out rod with a cavity for the internal primer mound to move them out of the die.

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Double Rifles, Paradox Guns & Gauge Rifles @ Jump to new posts
Ferlach hammer cape gun in 12.5mm/20ga CJF 05/18/21 05:13 PM
Took a risk on a vaguely described auction listing. Trying to figure out what I have.

I'll post better pictures in a few days but for now, here's a link to the auction.

Description said shotgun, but pictures showed rifle sights and Rigby-style fore end latch. Maker is Jos. Sigott of Ferlach. Auction house shipped quickly and I have it in hand.

Tiny. Small frame. Hammers. Engraving a mix of decent and cheap. Barrels tight on face, short at 23" even. Do not appear cut. Rifle barrel is on right. Stamped 12.5 underneath. Appears to be 60mm or slightly more to leade or forcing code. Maybe 12.5mmx60r Danish? a .500 BPE case rim fits the rim recess. Rifling looks like Henry style. Haven't measured the 20ga barrel yet. Fired 20 hull does not go in easily and haven't forced it. Shotgun tube marked 14.9.

Proofs appear to be Ferlach post 1891. Has first rifle firing proof, and 1956.11, which I take to be the 1,956th gun proofed in Ferlach in 1911. That right?

The bottom rib is marked 5624 10 158 11.8 Haven't figured that one out yet.

Anyone have a suggestion on what the 12.5mm rifle cartridge might be?
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Re: Help Identifying Belgian Double smp190 05/18/21 04:59 PM
Took some photos during my lunch.
The water table has no markings.
[Linked Image from]

Here are some close ups of the barrel markings. This is the 12 ga barrels.
[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

Here are pics of the other barrel. 12 ga one side and the other a rifled barrel with flip up sight and the front bead which appears to be adjustable for windage.
[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Ithaca NID 4E pipeliner 05/18/21 03:17 PM
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Re: Auction? Hal M Hare 05/18/21 11:08 AM
Thanks all for sharing your thoughts and your PM's. I will get some good photos and test the waters of auction alternatives.

Best wishes,
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Re: So when do you hang it up? Ted Schefelbein 05/18/21 02:41 AM
Originally Posted by lonesome roads
Originally Posted by Ted Schefelbein

I’ll be a first responder to Lonnys’ first grand mall event, but, he is going
to wake up with a bunch of boot marks on his head and groin from me trying to wake him up, before the actual lifesaving starts.

Grand mal maybe?

I bet I outlive every one of you old women. And have 10x more fun.

Roll me up and smoke me when I die.

Talk is cheap.
Ride the hill.


Guys bring antique pipes to show people at the wall, but, nobody
smokes them.
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Re: The pinfire game gun Hal 05/18/21 01:44 AM
Searched a bit and found a Belgian steel fabricator in business since 1830 named New Lachaussee that could account for the "N.L." mark on my gun. Sent them an email asking if they knew what the strange-looking "H" logo might represent, but have not heard back. Still in business making detonators.
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Re: skb 150 sxs single trigger Saskbooknut 05/17/21 11:36 PM
I would not recommend rapping a SKB 150 butt on a carpeted floor.
Lovely guns as they are, it is very common to see cracks in the butt stock, originating at the points of the scalloped frame.
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Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @ Jump to new posts
Re: New project starting mc 05/17/21 11:07 PM
If you have another sight you can pull an image from it with modeling clay and scotch tape and transfer it to your new sight.
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Double Rifles, Paradox Guns & Gauge Rifles @ Jump to new posts
Re: Alexander Henry serial number inventory - update Krakow Kid 05/17/21 06:22 PM
I have two Henry doubles. The first I'll mention is a .450BPE serial# 3143 and all the attendant information listed in the Donald Dallas book which has become THE Alexander Henry reference is perfect straight across the boards. However my other Henry double seems to present a problem, at least to my interpretation. It is a double muzzleloader, serial# 661. Now if you reference the Dallas book the breakdown info you find is B/S/B/L/R. Try as I might, the only interpretation I get from that is that it is a Best gun, one which is a Single Breech Loading Rifle, which it most obviously is not. So is the goof on my reading of the code or in the printing of the list in Mr Dallas' book? I am very curious as to what exactly the answer to this is.
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DIY Gunsmithing @ Jump to new posts
Re: Checkering tools mark 05/17/21 01:39 PM
X2 Steve Earl
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DoubleGun BBS @ Jump to new posts
Re: Help w info - Franz Poriska 16ga x 11mm Cape Gun Der Ami 05/17/21 01:05 PM
I still couldn't get the photo to open up, but I could see your great group on the GGCA forum, and I had a question about the foam filler over there.
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DoubleGuns For Sale @ Jump to new posts
Re: Prewar Browning Superposed 32”-FS interesting gun! eightbore 05/16/21 09:52 PM
What is the length of pull from the front trigger to the end of the wood? Thanks.
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Re: Speed Bags Perry M. Kissam 05/16/21 07:19 PM
Ah!! Now I understand. Thanks.
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DoubleGuns For Sale @ Jump to new posts
Wtb stock GMCS 05/16/21 06:28 PM
need a stock for a 12 GA Super Fox. original too long and need a shorter one to fit me with water- fowling jacket
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Re: Let’s see your hammers.... Joe Wood 05/16/21 05:24 PM
Nice, very nice, JB. Absolutely first class work! Thanks for posting.
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Re: NE SxS Classic at HHHSC DAM16SXS 05/16/21 12:58 PM
I've been attending this wonderful event for more than a decade and will only miss this year, but I'll be back again next year. There's nothing else like it!
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Re: WTB Butt Stock susjwp 05/16/21 11:19 AM
Have you tried Wenig or Macon.
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Re: Doubles and slugs Tom Findrick 05/16/21 11:01 AM
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DoubleGun BBS @ Jump to new posts
Re: $700 Target gun Stanton Hillis 05/16/21 01:25 AM
Perfection is where you find it. I was given a new Yildiz S X S .410 years ago as a gift for planting food plots for a friend. I think it is called the Elegante 4. He caught it on sale and paid $449 for the gun, new in box. The trigger was clean but too hard. I took it apart and stoned the surfaces to a higher polish and it got the pull down to around 3 1/2# (single trigger). The innards of that little cheapo were polished beautifully. Over the years since, that trigger has never failed once. Regulation of the barrels is perfect with 11/16 oz. loads, and it has man sized dimensions.

[Linked Image from]

Here's hoping the SKB is all you want it to be. There's a saying that goes "some days you get the bear ......... some days the bear gets you". Hope you get the bear.
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DoubleGun BBS @ Jump to new posts
Re: Scott Gas Check patent - used on rifles? Argo44 05/16/21 01:19 AM
Not getting much further on whether big-bore 1880-90's rifles used the Scott Gas Check patent.

But there's a second bug in my ear about this patent mentioned above, which no doubt the knowledgable members could answer. "Was the gas check patent only for use with black powder." i.e With the change-over to smokeless powders c 1900....did this obviate the need for the Gas Check?

I'm not a general gun historian but that patent might be sort of a marker of some sort if it were solely applicable to black powder.

1920's French Saint-Etienne SxS 12 bore shotgun - no gas check:
[Linked Image from]
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DoubleGun BBS @ Jump to new posts
Re: Leg of Mutton Case Argo44 05/15/21 06:20 PM
Both mine are made fundamentally the same way. A strap with two buckles is attached by brad onto the lower side of the case. One buckle handles the carry strap....the other the case lid. One of mine has the buckle tine equipped for a lock, one doesn't.

[Linked Image from]
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Re: Joe Wood 67galaxie 05/15/21 04:42 PM
Foiled again!
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Re: How would you fix this burn hole? Joe Wood 05/15/21 04:21 PM
Link didn’t work, Mark.

I don’t own the gun but have an eye on it.
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Re: Dealer location Perry M. Kissam 05/15/21 02:36 PM
I visited Mid South Guns this past Monday and I have to say that I dont think I have ever seen a store with as many doubles as I found there!! I didnt know where to start looking!! I did not buy anything but I sure did enjoy looking!!!
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