since I started this maybe I should clarify. I use the 7/8 oz loads for a number of reasons. Recoil is one as they are more pleasant to shoot, especially when shooting 100 clays. When hunting I use either a 12 ga B&P 1 oz High Pheasant load in my older doubles or a 1 oz factory load like AA in a newer 20 sxs. The only competition I enter is the Medford SxS Classic and I am pretty realistic about my performance, so most of my shooting is for fun although I always want to do my best. When I am on, the 7/8 oz loads I use crush birds so I don't feel I would gain much from a heavier load. A big part of using that load though is trying to preserve guns that are 100 plus years old. Years ago I used a newer Webley and Scott finished off by Dickson and shot 5,000 rounds a year for several years without any issues. I succumbed to a prettier face and switched to a sidelock and have had more issues, primarily mainspring breaks, when used in cold weather I might add. I try to learn from experience but wanted to hear others views and experience. I appreciate those that answered within my parameters.