I have owned & shot 5 Parker Reproductions over the years. One 28 ga, two 20 ga. & two 12 ga. guns. All were SST guns. The 12 ga .guns got shot a lot at sporting clays (one Sporting Clays special w/ screw in Winchester chokes & one Steel Shot Special) . The 28 ga.& 20 ga. guns got carried a lot but not shot much.

Other than ejector issues after a lot of shooting with one of the 12 ga guns (not unheard of w/ original Parkers) & a creepy trigger pull on one of the 20 ga. guns (a very early 28" pistol grip gun w/the longer LOP & classy wood that i wish I would have kept) I never had any mechanical issues.

Cosmetically the case colors did wear very rapidly if you used them much.

I knew a few guys who had issues w/ SST guns doubling but that was mostly with guns that were purchased years after production ceased & Reagent Chemical had sold off remaining stock to several big dealers. I was told that cleaning the trigger assemblies of old lube generally put things right

IMO very nice guns for the $$ you like Parkers & dimension fit you.