Much more to the story than just domestic terrorism. The reporting so far is indicating some form of known mental illness which dates back to his high school days. This guy was known & on the radar of local law enforcement & the FBI. It wasn't his first rodeo in this regard.

Predictably the Commiecrats are already calling for more gun control and Biden is calling for the swift passage of the gun control legislation currently moving through the house. Here's a link for a quick snap shot of where things stand at present.

Some facts to keep in mind when you see or hear the politicians & talking heads about this shooting. There are many gun laws in Colorado which have been enacted in the years since the Columbine & other shootings. Many of these are the same as the ones being called for by Biden & his Commiecrat comrades.

Here's the short list:

1. Colorado has universal background checks on all gun sales & transfers with the exception of some forms of family to family member transfers.
2. We have an instant background check system which has had up to a two week backlog for over a year now. So in effect we have had a waiting period for purchases due to the backlogged background checks waiting to be processed.
3. We have a red flag law which allows your guns to be confiscated if someone turns you in thinking you are a possible threat of some sort & a judge approves the confiscation.
4. The city of Boulder has a local ban on possession of so called assault weapons. I believe this is currently on a court ordered injunction due to possible constitutional issues with it.
5. We have a magazine capacity limit of ten rounds.
6. None of these measures prevented this shooting!!!

We now have some additional gun legislation currently moving through the state house.
1. Required safe storage of all firearms in your home.
2. Require trigger locks for all gun sales & transfers.
3. A required waiting period for all gun sales.