If the war on guns goes like the war on drugs we are all going to need bigger gun safes. I was once worried about the lefts gun confiscation scheme, but no longer. Canada gave up on just trying to register guns in a computer system and Canadians are a lot more inclined to respect laws they consider silly. And they would need to go search every house, in the country, because there is no computer records of who has what in the US. It would be physically impossible to go door to door and collect every gun. If you consider owners would meekly turn over their guns you are kidding yourself in several million cases. Maybe tens of millions of cases. Just never going to happen. Going door to door would take years if not decades and who is to say if those guns would remain in place very long. So rechecking would be needed in millions of houses which would extend it even longer. The entire military and law enforcement combined are not going to be large enough to do it.

As long as we have a Supreme Court filled with justices who interpret the Constitution based on what was intended and not what they think they ought to have done back then, based on the liberal agenda of today we should be OK. But what are they going to do if they ban guns and 25 million gun owner flat out refuse to comply? I learned years ago in the service to never give an order which is impossible to carry out. I do not think passing a law, which would be impossible to enforce, is going to work out well for them. Prohibition failed and they passed a Constitutional Amendment to try it and it still failed miserably. Just passing a law is not going to work at all. 300 million guns out there, estimated 10 million AR15 type guns. That genie is never going to be put back into the bottle.

I love the attempt to ban large capacity clips, like that would make a real difference. Fully loaded, large capacity clips, are more prone to feeding issues than multiple lower capacity clips. Plus the time difference between shooting 30 rounds out of one clip or 30 rounds out of three clips is almost zero. But it sounds good to people who do not know. It is a straw-man argument created to make them feel like they are accomplishing something. End of rant.