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I am surprised that we are not seeing imported shot shells from Europe and Latin America in large quantities. Does anyone know why this is not happening?

Like i and Skb have written; there are cargo ships at anchor that can’t unload for lack of dock workers.

Dock workers? Shotshell shipping is done now in containers, by container ships. One overhead crane operator unloads the containers off the ship. Then another loads the container onto a trailer behind a semi which hits the road immediately. Savannah is one of the two biggest container ports in the USA. I was on 1-16 today and saw no shortage of loaded containers headed west, and an equal amount of empties headed east towards Savannah. I must be missing something here, but I fail to see how "dock worker" shortage is hurting the supply of imported shot shells. I have a really good friend that operates one of the huge overhead container cranes in Savannah. With his pay grade he is certainly not enticed to "lay out" and draw unemployment. He wants to work, a much as he can.

There are a bunch of people here a lot smarter than me. Maybe someone can help me understand this.