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Hoot Mon, Sir 3 incher. But what you fail to grasp in your diatribe are 2 salient factors: (1) I don't take home game for the table- I spend my off-season time, weather permitting, "pillow casing" barn pigeons and crows with those M12's and Trap loads, bum, belly, beak and bang I believe the mantra goes. Like the late Nash Buckingham espoused in his story "The Dove" "You've had about all the thrills shotgunning can afford when you blot out a high incoming dove and see him crumple up in mid-flight. I don't hunt upland birds anymore, so that is "off the table", as it were, and I am also reminded of words from the late Elmer Keith , who favored an Ithaca NID 10 bore for pheasants, as well as ducks: "You mean it kills them TOO DEAD?""-- We don't have syndicates here in the Colonies, and I have almost 100 farmer friends who give me open access to their posted properties, in exchange for my welding skills on their equipment, when needed. I pay no cash money to anyone to get hunting permission. I leave no litter, no spend shells, whether shotgun or rifle (woodchucks, coyotes, fox, etc. and never tell anyone at the DU banquets where I hunt and shoot, including pest birds in the off seasons. Oh, I dress the ducks and geese and give them to the farmer/land owner. The crows and pigeons go into the manure spreaders (turd hearses, shades of Angus McNab if you will)--I would love to be paired with George Digweed in a blind or hide and have a day of wood pigeon and crow shooting--probably will not happen though! RWTF

What the fuhk you on aboot?

Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!