Up here in Illinois I still have a couple of places I could go. About the Best is a melon farm on the banks of the Mississippi, but I hardly get out hunting anymore.
I am retired, have the time, a Great wife who would never, never ever tell me "no". I have the guns, the ammunition, and my third Brittany - first pick of the litter from his father who was first pick of the litter of my first Brittany. Each of them very different from each other, but each was like the third bowl of porridge to me.
Prior to retiring, I purchased enough of the things I'd need to have a retirement full of fishing, shooting and dove and upland hunting. I planned.
What I didn't know is that most all of my shooting and/or hunting partners would develop bad backs, bad knees, move away, or pass away.
To go dove shooting these days for me, is to go alone. If I go up to South Dakota this year it will be just my dog & I and, well, I just might not go.
Not sour grapes - I have a head-full of fine, fond memories beginning with early mornings out with my Dad. But my legs aren't as strong; I'm not as sure of myself and,
I now realize how much of the enjoyment came from going out with a good buddy or two.
All you who are going out this season, punch a hold in the sky for me & tell that dove that was from me.