Antique reloading tools will be hard to find and will likely take time, unless you are willing to to spend more than they are worth. However you can load perfectly useable ammo and enjoy your drilling while searching. The first step is to "slug" your barrel, they vary wildly in groove diameter( from about .358" to .368") and you might be able to use commonly available bullets. When I started loading the 9.3x72, I used my 9.3x74R dies as "neck sizing" dies, with the expander removed, and expanded / deprimed by hand with shop made expander made to fit a .364" bullet. I know it's hard to believe, but not everyone has 9.3x74R dies. With careful adjustment and a shellholder that fits, you can likely use 35 Rem./ 358 Win./35 Wh. modern dies. This would allow you time for your search.