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The old 2gal tin(ned) can I have of J/Drier will last 'several lifetimes. Probably that quantity was from the oilbase house and barn painting days.
IIRC the recipe was one shot glass of J/Drier to a gal of paint
I hated painting a house...

I scraped, prepped, and painted my Grandmother's two story house twice before we replaced the windows and installed vinyl siding. Also prepped and painted windows, porches, and the gable ends of my Dad's two story brick house. Then, like a fool, I used clear cedar siding on parts of my house, which needs periodic staining. House painting is indeed no fun! Kutter's remark reminds me of this joke:

A businessman was sitting alone at the bar of a fancy casino in Las Vegas. A gorgeous one-thousand dollar a night hooker came over, sat next to him, and whispered into his ear.

She said, "Tonight is your lucky night. Tonight, and tonight only, I will do absolutely anything you want for only $100.00. I will do anything in your wildest dreams and fantasies. But there are two conditions. You must pay me the $100.00 up front. And you must tell me what you want in three words or less."

The guy jumped off his barstool with great excitement. He nearly broke his own arm grabbing his wallet. He pulled out two $50.00 bills and pressed them into her hand. Then he breathlessly made his three word request saying... "Paint my house!!!"