Today the Law states any centerfire 22 cal or larger. Back in 1988 when I used the .14 caliber, the Law was "any" centerfire. (see my article in the 1988 Guns Illustrated - "14 Fever") But, after so may 17 caliber centerfires came on the market, the Law was changed to 22 caliber or larger.[/quote]

Just because it is legal doesn't mean it is the smart or correct thing to do. Remember, some states still allow first cousins to marry!

I personally would not use a.220 Swift, .22-250 ,.223,.222 R or even a.22 Hornet for deer but I wouldn't question someone else for doing so. I'm old enough to remember people butchering hogs & beef at home. The caliber of choice was normally a .22 short to the head @ close range (not my choice on the .22 short). Usually it worked well but I remember a few times when it didn't. Trust me when I say it was a bad deal for all parties involved when it didn't.

Using a .25 ACP is a nothing more than a stunt & not fair to the animal if something goes wrong. For the sake of the animal I hope you are extremely lucky & also a good tracker!

Nice execution on your double rifle by your gun builder. Too bad you didn't chamber it for something useful. You mention you selected the .25 ACP chambering because it is a "first" for double rifles. Did it occur to you that there is a reason for that?