For those of you who are swooning over this abortion of a double rife (no insult intended to the builder) consider this.

As per the somewhere above post from the owner re. his developed "hunting" load. for the .25 ACP double rifle:

MV 1160 / ME 150 ft/lbs . Bullet weight is not stated but if you back calculate it is a 50 gr bullet & he states it is a lead bullet. That is a bullet w/ a sectional density of .113

My .22 LR small game load of choice is the WW 40 grain Power Point. I like it because the lot #s of the stuff I have shoot small groups (You can find .22 LR loads with a MV & ME that exceed both this & the .25 ACP load significantly) & it kills small game well.

Published data for the WW.22LR 40 gr PP load is:

MV 1280 / ME 146 f/lbs. & the bullet has a sectional density of .115 (higher SD means the bullet penetrates better)

The .25 ACP is at best equal to a 40 gr .22 LR. Both will kill deer under ideal conditions but that is not the point.

Unless I'm starving & have nothing better available I won't be using either for my deer hunting.