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it would seem we should take advantage of the uk reproofing service for old guns we plan to have imported into our country...because:

- reproofing to current uk specs would expand ammunition options here?

- in a competitive market a gun carrying the most up to date proofs would be more desirable than a gun last proofed, say 80 or more years ago?

- still wondering how long it takes to have a gun reproofed and at what cost?

- and if reproofing an old gun does enhance its resale value, then would a london house reproofing be more advantageous, versus a birmingham house reproofing?

I’ll give it a shot, ed, but, you are beginning to annoy me.

-Reproofing to current U.K. specs would NOT expand ammunition options, here. ALL US commercial ammunition should be assumed to be loaded to SAAMI maximum, about 11500psi, unless it is from a boutique maker who subjects his product to testing for pressure, and puts it in writing as to what pressure that particular lot makes. Ammunition options would expand if US commercial ammunition makers produced ammunition to a certain level of proof. They don’t.Those 80 year old guns are not suited to higher pressure US loads, even if they pass proof-they were designed with lower pressure ammunition in mind. Someone gave thought to how big the bolting surfaces and hinge should be. You can run lighter loads then what the gun was proofed for, but, heavier is asking for trouble. Additionally. The wood is old. The solder holding everything together is old.

-Knowledgable potential owners in a competitive gun market frown on English guns that have been altered. They are NOT more desirable with modification. From what I have seen, Englishmen prefer the 2 1/2” version of the game gun, believing they typically are balanced better, and built lighter.

-I’ve had a single gun submitted for reproof in Birmingham. They were prompt, and I can’t remember what it cost, so, I’m guessing it wasn’t eye opening, either way. Gun arrived, on schedule with new proof marks. Still used low pressure ammunition it was designed for to begin with.

-The number of guys who buy doubles, any type, is small. The guys who buy old English doubles is a subset of that. The guys in that subset, who can positively ID new London vs Birmingham proofs won’t likely pay more for one versus the other, because, they like them unmolested, remember?