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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#159485 08/31/2009 2:09 AM
by ellenbr
I ran across this 1883 Gustav Fükert ad:


If anyone is interested I'll put together some Fükert info, that is if it isn't a rehash.

I couldn't find a true Fükert/Fückert thread so those of you with examples please post again.

Kind Regards,

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#160506 Sep 9th a 04:33 PM
by Daryl Hallquist
Daryl Hallquist
Here's a nice little Fukert design group

And here's the other Fukert drilling in Montana

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#159520 Aug 31st a 02:04 PM
by Daryl Hallquist
Daryl Hallquist
Raimey, I would love to see more. Here's a 16 bore double .

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#454636 Aug 29th a 05:02 PM
by felix
Some more of Fckert
1. Peter Hambrusch of Ferlach can/does build a Fckert-type gun
2. The Hungarian hunting magazine "Pannon VadaszvilaG" nov and dec 2009 features an article on Fckert with a photo of what looks to me like a trio of Fckerts.
I understand also that there is a Fckert collector club in
(Dont be annoyed if you can not follow Hungarian , Edward Teller and some more of the developers of the A/H-bomb reputedly have been of Hungarian origin ...)
Felix Neuberger
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#159552 Aug 31st a 07:21 PM
by Sliver
Raimey and Daryl,

I have a drilling in 16 ga and 25-35 Winchester, Fukert. I wish I had some time this evening to post pics, but I am leaving for opening day on sharptails and huns.
It was very nice to see the pictures of another Fukert drilling in SDH's article from SS recently. I wonder who is the owner of that one, must be somebody in MT, too.
Daryl, maybe when the hunting season is over it would be nice to get the Fukerts together.
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#609488 Jan 14th a 08:47 AM
by Parabola
The basic Steyr made Mannlicher Schoenaur action is invariably of good quality, it is in an excellent and very versatile calibre, and the test target indicates it can deliver good stalking accuracy.

It looks to be a good choice at the price.
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#609485 Jan 14th a 05:43 AM
by 9372
[Linked Image from jpgbox.com]
[Linked Image from jpgbox.com]
[Linked Image from jpgbox.com]
[Linked Image from jpgbox.com]
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#159603 Sep 1st a 02:44 AM
by ellenbr
Silver: The BBS will be here upon your return but hunting just shouldn't wait.

I just knew someone would bite and take me up on the offer.

This is a 1st rough draft and I'm going to add more info as it surfaces or as time permits.

GGCA No. 37, Fall 2008, p. 22
“You might remember my concern that the angle at which firing pins hit the primer would cause misfires. Gustav Fükert must have had the same concern, because already in 1882 he patented a firing mechanism in which the firing pins move parallel with the bores of the barrel. His Kronen Drilling incorporated the same idea with a hidden third hammer under the top strap of the gun…. “

Kaiserliches Patentamt – Patentschrift No. 19675 Klass 72, Centralfeuer – Doppelgewher
Zusatz – Patent zu No. 11927 vom 5. Mai 1880
Patentirt im Deutschen Reichs vom 6. December 1881 ab.
Laugste Dauer: 4. Mai 1895

“Axel Pantermühl, our member in Germany, who got me in touch with his friend Heinz Bardella. From him I learned that Gustav Fükert founded the company in 1830 and died when he was 89 years old in 1900. His son Johann was born in 1844 and died in 1918. We also found the German Patent #164939 for an ejector mechanism issued to Ferdinand Fückert in 1904, but we don’t know how he was related to Gustav Fükert……”

Being 89 in 1900 would have would have made him too young to have achieved the status of master by 1830. So I'm not sure about this info.

So Johann Fükert’s father(Gustav E. Fükert’s Grandfather) was named Gustav or Jan or Johann’s name included Gustav. Circa 1872, after 1870 when Gustav E Fükert took the reins of the Company Gustav Fükert and prior to the 1873 Universal Exhibition in Vienna, Gustav E. Fükert had 19 craftsmen in his facility and was listed as Waffen-Erzeuger, Weipert, Böhmen offering scatterguns and a choice of rifles on the Remington, Martini, Snider and Polzenschläger(?) systems. Odd though at the same time and as an adjacent listing Johann Fückert is listed. The Company Gustav Fükert has it origins from 1830 and it was founded by Gustav Fükert’s father Jan or Johann Fükert. Two possibilities arise: one being that Jan or Johann as a weapons maker having been in business for 30 years which implies that the company of Johann Fückert had its origins circa 1844(?)or Jan or Johann also had the Gustav name or it was a family name. Johann is noted as a maker to folks in Austria as well as England and Russia. Circa 1872 Johann Fückert employed 50 craftsmen. So why would there be two variations of Fükert/ Fückert being adjacent listings?? Fükertovo looks to be the root/surname with variants such as Fükert, Fückert, Fikert and Fickert. All were either listed as gunmakers or associated with the gun trade in Weipert. Johann Fükert, or Joh. Fikert as it is sometimes seen is one of a few of the Fükertovo variant gunsmiths, along with Vaclav (Wenzel) Fükert(mid to late 19th century) in the 1861 Weipert listing and I’m sure there are other variants like Jan Fükert/ Fückert that are seen on percussion arms, as well as Lefaucheux/ Lefaucheux Werndl sporting arms from the founding of Gustav Fükert up until 1870 when Gustav E. was at the helm. But still the circa 1872 listing both of Gustav E. Fükert and Johann Fükert is puzzling. I’d entertain any thoughts on the subject.

Jan/Johann, like many of the Bohemian/Weipert craftsmen, didn’t cotton to mechanization and preferred to make their products totally by hand, a preference along with a few other things led to the demise of the Bohemian/Weipert craftsmen. But at the time in 1859 the Grand Duke of Tuscany was taken aback by the level of craftsmanship and held the examples as equals, or higher, to their London and Paris counterparts. The Tuscany cat may have been the largest purchaser, as far as nobility, of Jan/Johann Fükert.

Gustav E. Fükert was born on the 7th of August 1844 and departed this world on the 5th of December, 1918. Being born in 1844 and using the average age for a Journeyman to obtain his brief; therefore, in 1868 Gustav E. would have sprung for the cost of his master’s party. I would venture a guess here that either Jan/Johann, Gustav E., or both, worked in Antonín/Anton Vincent Lebeda’s shop in Prague. Antionin V. Lebeda was born in 1795, and some sources give 1797 which would make him a master in 1821/1822, which some sources give as the date of his master brief, but most info suggests he founded in business in 1820 which with 24 years as an average would pair well with the 1795 date of birth. Lebeda’s final exam in 1820/1821 was the completion of a very intricate and elaborately engraved set of locks. Lebeda’s name is synonymous with arms with percussion ignition systems. Lebeda on his Journeyman walkabout worked in Austria as well as Germany and although some hint that Bohemia was not influenced by the craftsmen in Suhl, I know there was a relationship there as many of Fükert Kronen have Suhl sourced tubes. Anyway upon return from his Journeyman walkabout, Lebeda became the head or purchased the shop of the late Prag gunmaker Matthew? Brandejsovi in 1820/1821 and soon thereafter married Ann Stumpfovou(?), the daughter of a fruit/vegetable merchant.

But getting back to Gustav E., he arrived on the scene at the end of the percussion era and was most active in the 1880 to 1910 period, by which time he had attended some 37 International Expos. The 1873 Vienna Exhibit was where he caught the eye of Emperor Franz Josef I with his crafts. By 1876 the King of Saxony and the King of Würremberg were delivering letters of praise. Then at the beginning of Gustav E.'s peak in 1883, the King of Serbia issued/gave the Knight’s Cross of Serbia of the Takovo Order to ole Gustav E, who is an exception to my theory that most of the master gunsmith received their Kaiserlichen und Königlichen appointment prior to 1900 seeing Gustav E. received that honor in 1908, along with a gold watch, which gave him the title “KammerLieferanten Ihrer Kaiserlichen und Königlichen Hoheiten der Durchlaucht. Herren Erzherzog Karl Franz Joseph und Erzherzog Ferdinand Karl” as found on Gustav. E.’s catalogues. It was a chance meeting and conversation in Liberec in 1906 at the Universal Expo that led to the appointment. Gustav E. Fükert was a keen designer had an interesting design( maybe his 1882 patented firing mechanism in which the firing pins move parallel with the bores of the barrel) at the 1882 Industrial & Agricultural Exhibit in Trieste, which I have yet to determine what it was. Then his greatest accomplishment was the Kronengewehr, which was patented in 1886. Gustav E. did acknowledge/embrace mechanization along with Gustav Bittner, Wenzel Morgenstern, Eduard Elias Schmidl and Schwab who in the late 1880s(1889?) formed a conglomerate to manufacture military arms which allowed them to heavily invest in machinery. Post 1900 there are 4 Fükert gunmakers in Weipert: Edmund Fükert, Ferdinand Fükert, Gustav Fükert and Johann/Johanna Fükert, which was probably a son or grandson of Jan Fükert. Ferdinand is listed in Weipert from 1903-1911 and then in Opava from 1925 to 1937. Gustav E. had a pre-WWI address of Bahnhofstrasse 578 and also had clients in the Balkan States, Sweden and even the U.S. of A.

For you folks interested in Lovena info, Wenzel Morgenstern and a few others experienced nationalization in 1948 and were folded into Lověna Prague.

Kind Regards,

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