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Aug 5th, 2016
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
Well I didn't think it could get worse but damn if it didn't. I have been on line and calling places looking for some 2 1/2" 410 target loads.
I was lucky the other day to find a guy that had some 28's and he had some 410's but in #6.
So if one is to believe that eight million new shooters are causing this I'm not buying it. I would think the new gun owners would be buying pistol ammo.
At my gun club they are now restricting sale of ammo to limited boxes only if you are shooting there that day.
This has got to start hurting the gun clubs, Saturday at my club there was only one guy on the pistol range when usually it is full.
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by LeFusil
Originally Posted by Stanton Hillis
Thank you, Jose. Sometimes we, in America, need to be reminded how fortunate we are, and not complain so much.


When we stop complaining...is when we end up in Jose’s situation. I say complain and complain loud....if you think the politicians haven’t taken notice of the shortages and their gears aren’t spinning in their head on how to make this an advantage to their anti-2nd amendment agenda...well, it’ll be the beginning of the end. California’s ammo laws are what they’re aiming for for the rest of the country.
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by James Flynn
James Flynn
I tried two Walmarts and Academy Sports trying to find some 20 ga. shells for test firing and none were to be had. They had 12, 16, and 28 but not very much. None of the stores have any center fire or rimfire rifle and pistol ammo. Our local Wildlife range has lots of people at the handgun range and 90% are new faces. Most are first time gun owners. People are scared.

I think Vanderbrink and Hornady are correct and telling the truth. There is an old saying that a traffic jam is a collision between free enterprise and statism. Industry can supply all the cars we need but the state is woefully inadequate supplying the roads. In this case, the state and its allies are terrifying people faster than industry can provide the arms.

Recently a local gun store was burgled. I hope the thieves found more guns than the rest of us. That's like digging for ice cubes in Sahara.

I wish I could buy primers and bullets so I can just go the range and enjoy shooting.
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by keith
Well, well, well... another ammo shortage thread. I'll bet it won't be the last either.

Unfortunately, some here seem to have a little problem connecting the dots. Dustin and Stan and Ted seem to get it...

Originally Posted by Ted Schefelbein
I’d bet it gets no better, at least not for the next four years. They promised it.


But for those with short memories, think back to how bad things got with ammo shortages and gun prices going nuts when Democrat Bill Clinton got his Assault Weapons Ban passed and anti-gun Democrats weere trying to bankrupt the firearms industry with frivolous lawsuits.

Then George Bush got elected and allowed the Assault Weapons ban to sunset. In addition, he signed the" Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act" in 2005 that was brought to us by our NRA and House and Senate Republicans. So the panic buying situation eased up.

Then another anti-gun Democrat Barack Hussein Obama, and his anti-gun running mate Joe Biden got elected, with promises of new anti-2nd Amendment measures. The 2013 Newtown shooting gave them the opening they wanted, and they made a very hard push for massive restrictions on semi-autos, handguns, large cap magazines, and ammunition. Predictably, panic buying and massive price increases for guns and ammo followed.

The efforts of gun owners and the NRA thwarted that effort by Obama and Biden, and anti-gun Democrats got punished in the 2014 mid-term election. People relaxed a bit, and panic buying slowed down.

Then a pro-2nd Amendment guy named Donald Trump got elected, and he managed to quickly get the pro-2nd Amendment Justice Neil Gorsuch seated on the U.S. Supreme Court. The guns and ammo panic buying pretty much stopped... until some nut-bar shot up a Country Western concert in Las Vegas, and anti-gun Democrats renewed their push for big restrictions on 2nd Amendment Rights. Over time, it became apparent that Donald Trump wasn't going to sign any major anti-gun legislation, and he even got two more pro-2nd Amendment Justices seated on the Supreme Court.

But as fears grew that Trump was behind in the polls to get re-elected, and folks saw the threat from every anti-gun Democrat candidate, people naturally started hoarding again. Covid19 gave Democrats the excuse to do a massive expansion of mail-in voting with no effort to make the system secure from rampant fraud and cheating. We are expected to believe that Biden got more votes in black areas than Obama did, and that this multi-time loser who never scratched the surface in a presidential election effort suddenly shattered the all-time record number of votes. We are expected to ignore massive ballot dumps made very late at night, and told that it is OK for Republican poll watchers to be pushed back and not permitted to observe the counting process. We are told there is no evidence, and all claims of fraud are baseless... unless there was some Republican fraud. Then it is OK to speak.

There seems to be a pattern here. Anti-Gun Democrats equal threats to gun rights, and that equals panic buying and shortages. But some folks still don't get it. We can say that we need to elect pro-gun politicians, but it appears that Democrats have finally perfected election fraud. It has gotten to the point that they are calling anyone who mentions election fraud a subversive, and they are succeeding in silencing free speech pertaining to the subject.

We have some of them right here on this forum, and they happily supported and voted for the anti-gunner Joe Biden. They also worked in concert to stifle and ridicule any notion that there was widespread election fraud. I have little doubt that they will be contacting Dave to try to get this thread or my post deleted.

It isn't just preaching to the choir to point these facts out. Too many here still don't get it. And I will never understand why anyone would wish to accept or help these guys in any way, shape, or form. You can vote for a pro-gun politician, but these Libtards will cancel out your vote by voting for an anti-gunner like Biden or Schumer, or Pelosi. They will also try to silence you if you point out obvious election fraud.

So to me, if one of them asks where they can find a new pole to push their boat, I'd say we should tell them to shove their pole up their ass. I prefer to not help those who are helping anti-gunners threaten my hobby, my interest, and my Constitutional Right.
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by OldMaineWoodsman
To add to the ridiculous state that we are in, I went to a large sporting goods store in Virginia to pick up a rifle that I had purchased off of GB and had shipped there. State Police background check system is down. Not happy considering I drove 30+ miles to pick it up. Not their fault. I walked around for about and hour and half, still wasn't up. I left and went to the local Publix for some items and went back, still down. I finally left and I'll try again Sunday.

While there I took a look at the ammunition section. Nothing but 28 gauge, a few slug loads and really obscure rifle caliber ammunition. Lots of firearms stacked behind the counter waiting for the system to come back up or checks previously delayed with a lot of frustrated and even angry customers.

As to the younger guys and hunting, I think some of it is that there is no one teaching them. They watch the shows on TV and see thirty minutes of blasting ducks to background rock music, or think you just set up a tree stand and shoot a 13 pointer in less than 30 minutes. They are receptive and appreciative to learning. While out chasing Woodcock I came across two young guys duck hunting. We chatted a bit and I pointed out that their decoys were too close to the bank, and too close together. Since they asked, I gave them a quick lesson in putting out a small decoy spread. I also mentioned concealment, as I could see them as I headed down there so ducks certainly could. I only went down there because I thought they were packing up. They seemed to appreciate it and I moved on away from them.

They are the future, and if we want our activities and traditions to continue long after we are gone we have to guide and help them when we can rather than gripe about them. Just my take anyway.
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