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Aug 5th, 2016
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#592926 02/24/2021 2:34 PM
by KY Jon
KY Jon
Just watched a flat (ten boxes) of Remington .410 skeet shells sell for $321.00 plus $20.00 shipping on GunBroker. In what world does it make any sense to pay $34.00 for a box of .410 ammo? At the current prices we all should have bought ammo last year when you could find it, then sell it this year at 150-250% return on investment. Winchester 209 primers are at $131.00/1,000. And people are still bidding at these prices. Insane.
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#592982 Feb 25th a 04:25 PM
by KY Jon
KY Jon
Those 209’s are now $150/1,000. I don’t care if people want to pay insane prices other than these crazy prices just pour gasoline on a fire of panic buying. I will not be buying again until they drop down to less than $40/1,000. But when I see common ammo selling for over a dollar per round I have to wonder who can afford to shoot them at that price?

If people decide to sell unwanted or unneeded ammo or supplies I am all for it. I’ve been giving away stuff I no longer need, but to friends. I did set aside two flats of new shells to give to a couple young church members this Spring. I introduced their older brother and sister to shooting several years ago. I’ll make the same offer to the parents again and then to them if the parents agree. Their sister still comes skeet shooting from time to time. She knows I always have everything she needs and enjoy taking her. Last time she brought a friend but before I could allow her to shoot I had to get her mother’s permission. They had a great time but most birds were allowed to land safely. The brother now “kills” everything in video games. But all now know how to safely handle guns and have a basic understanding of clay sports. That’s my real goal, safety and giving just a bit of knowledge into shooting.
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#592930 Feb 24th a 02:56 PM
by ClapperZapper
I have about a pallet of ammunition
Cases of black powder
Cases of 12 and 20
Cases of 410
Cases of RST’s in various flavors 16 and 12

I don’t know anybody who is shooting a lot.
Where the heck are you guys using it?

I’m tempted to start selling some of it off just so I can buy something even more ridiculous.

After I’m gone, I can hear my children going to court and arguing over who gets the last box of RST’s!
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#592952 Feb 24th a 09:39 PM
by Joe Wood
Joe Wood
I'm hanging onto my 45 pounds of powder, 40,000+ 209 primers, and a zillion hulls. Didn't hoard, just normal inventory I've kept for years. And not a single thing for sale and isn't going to be. I will have to do some work arounds with new loads to keep my pressures under acceptable limits for my vintage guns but that's doable. Just wish I'd bought more Cheddite primers for my 16 gauge loads in Cheddite hulls but 2,300 will last me a while with the quail numbers so low--like 50 years at the current rate!
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#593059 Feb 27th a 04:35 PM
by GLS
Some of the prices I've seen for reloading components amid complaints of "price gouging" remind me of the exchange between seller and buyer that I read in a hook and bullet book. "Sir, your prices for shotgun shells are too high. I can get the same shells across the street for $3.00 a box but he's out of shells." "That's the same price I charge when I'm out of shells, too."
At a turkey hunting site, primed unfired hulls are selling for $100 per 100 when they initially have sold for $12-15 per 100. Gil
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#593041 Feb 27th a 03:42 AM
by KY Jon
KY Jon
Some guns are crazy and some not so much. All the ones I like seem to be on the crazy end. I just bought a gun that ended up as a bit of a bidding war. But it was a very hard to find gun, which was new in box, un-fired, it has been discontinued, they did not make that many of them and I have been looking for one for over four years. So I ended up paying $400-500.00 more than what I intended to pay for it. It all came down to a basic problem. If they made 25-35 or even 50 of them what were the chances I would ever come across a second one anytime soon when it took me four years to find the first? So I paid a premium to my way of thinking. But I also think about how happy my son will be when he opens up his graduation present and finds this. Hope someone decides your gun is just as important to him.
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#593149 Mar 1st a 01:39 AM
by Argo44
Ky Jon, go on line and look up on Amazon "Selangor Pewter"...It is almost pure lead in it. The goblets are heavy. I bought beer mugs and wine glasses in Singapore in 1973. If you get the right seller, you can get a lot of tin.
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#593648 Mar 10th a 05:50 PM
by keith
Originally Posted by PALUNC
If this crap continues, selling ammo at super high prices, and people continue to pay this stupid prices then the hoarding will never stop. This monster keeps getting larger and larger.
Have people no shame?

Every bubble reaches a breaking point. But this buying and hoarding bubble is driven by the fear of ammo and gun restrictions and bans... due entirely to anti-gun Democrats. The monster is not people buying guns and ammo. The monster is a well founded defensive reaction to the reality that Democrats hate guns and they hate the ammo that is used in them.

You all know that, so stop being in denial about it, and stop thinking that giving up some classes of firearms or ammunition is going to appease the anti-gunners. Get rid of the anti-gunners, and the shortages and high prices will disappear. And the only way to get rid of them is to stop voting for them, and to get involved in securing our broken election process.

Democrats now want to give convicted felons the right to vote in order to get more Democrat voters. They say that they have paid their debt to society. Ask them if that concern for their rights extends to giving convicted felons the right to own firearms, and watch their reaction.
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