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Sep 20th, 2023
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by Glacierjohn
I know this is kind of a Ford-Chevy opinion question, but does anybody have a favorite light upland gun? In my case I will probably never hunt quail or grouse, I’ll be hunting Pheasants, Sharptail and Hungarian Partridge.

I think the ideal gun would be a six pound 16 gauge. I was wondering if there is any consensus on the best handling 16 ga. between Fox, Parker or LC Smith?
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by Daryl Hallquist
Daryl Hallquist
Hollis Bentley and Playfair 12 bore. The first time I shot it in Northern Nebraska I thought I had missed as I pulled the trigger, but the pheasant came down perfectly. I have used the gun from Canada to New Mexico ever since.

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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by FallCreekFan
John, your second question first. I’ve never owned a Fox, Parker or Smith so no experience there to draw on for an answer.

And that points to my answer to your first question. With dollars always scarce and value at a premium Ithacas have been my choice over the decades and I’ve not been disappointed. For your criteria I’d say my eve-of-the-war 16ga NID w/ 26” barrels, cyl & mod, would be my choice @ 6 lbs, 3 oz.

However, as I get older and walking becomes more difficult my 16ga Flues w/ 28” barrels, cyl & mod, @ 5lbs 6 oz gets the nod more often. But with the original 2 1/2” chambers and a senior diet of low pressure handloads you’d be best to leave off with the pheasants.

Regardless, enjoy the best you can afford.
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by dukxdog
Mine is a Charles Daly 185 16ga made in 1912. Has 28" barrels. Weighs 5#12oz. A very lively gun that shoots true and put birds in my bag. I could sell every other upland gun I own and be happy carrying this one every day.

[Linked Image from]
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by ClapperZapper
Something about 6 1/2 lbs or so. Weight forward.
Not a pump.
20 ga typically
7/8oz shot at 1200

I guess a Browning Superlight ticks off the most boxes for me most days in the thickets.

But not out in the open. Too fast.
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by SKB
12 bore H&H Royal model self-opener, first year this model was offered, 29" barrels 6lbs 9 ozs. It will be the last gun I ever sell.

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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by canvasback
If measured by the gun I reach for more than others, it's a 1920s (est) Lovena sidelock with 28" barrels choked skeet and light mod. A 12 gauge weighing 6 1/2 pounds with a straight stock. It just feels right.
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by J.B.Patton
Pointed birds, carrying all day, no question:
1906 16 ga Sauer & Sohn model 14E 29.5” barrels 6# 1 oz choked .07/.14. Extended forcing cones Relaxed semi pistol grip like a POW
Custom 1912 16ga Fox ejector, 28” straight stocked 6# 2 oz
choked .07/.14 also

Late season S Dakota / Montana wild phez and sharptails:
Model 200 Garbi 30” barrels: choked full/fuller 7# 5 oz.
I’ve made some incredible shots with this gun and B&P heavy 2 3/4” no. 4 nickel plated. A little slower to the shoulder,at a pound and 1/2 heavier than the 16’s- but really reaches out with authority!
Best Regards,
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by GLS
I hunt woodcock and quail over my Brittanys with a variety of guns from year to year which typically weigh less than 6 lbs. No great shakes of a shot, but I get enough to keep it interesting. Last year the gun-of-the-year candidate was a Skimin & Woods 2" 12 ga. at 5.5 lbs. with 28" barrels. Gil
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by ksauers1
Originally Posted by dukxdog
Mine is a Charles Daly 185 16ga made in 1912. Has 28" barrels. Weighs 5#12oz. A very lively gun that shoots true and put birds in my bag. I could sell every other upland gun I own and be happy carrying this one every day.

[Linked Image from]
My favorite gun to look at and hold when you let me. Just amazing.
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by Mark II
Mark II
I have a nice Francotte that would be a 14E , but was made for a Paris gun shop. 5lb 14 oz fairly tight chokes. Have killed pheasants with a 16 LC Smith but they tend to be heavier. The Fox 16 is a great gun, but a lot of them seem to be off face so watch that. Carried a customized SKB 20 with 25" barrels. 1 oz of 6's do well on pheasants over pointing dogs. Find what fits you the best without having to make many changes and you are good to go.
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by Run With The Fox
Run With The Fox
Dad's M21- 12 gauge 28" IC&Mod- SST, Ej field stock and red solid pad- fits me like an Armani suit on a Goombah-- Never have changed the barrel selection button in the trigger, always the right hand tube first-- I use AA Trap loads 7&1/2 shot, sometimes a heavier load of #6 chilled in the left side tube. Dad gave it to me in 1980, when he moved to Florida, and we still had a very huntable amount of pheasants to hunt here in mid-Central MI--weigth is 7&1/4 lbs. unlooaded, balance at the hinge pin- still solid and on face-goes to my son-in-law when I'm gone, he's a southpaw, so my M12's are not his "cup of tea"--RWTF
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by Owenjj3
Current favorite is a DMB 16 bore 5lbs 15oz, skeet, IC for grouse. I await delivery of a British provincial 16 bore hammer 29”, steel, 5 lbs 14 oz. IC/Full that could be a contender as well as a Horton 16bore A&D 5lbs 14 oz. With a stock extension, the latter two should come in at 6 pounds And with a couple of RST 7/8 the shells They should carry at my preferred weight of 6 lbs. 2 oz. I find high fives a little whippy and the high sixes a bit heavy.
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by Geo. Newbern
Geo. Newbern
16ga Greener FP 15. Just the W.W.Greener engraved on the frame with at little scroll. Side safety works well for me on a pointed bird; less so for a surprise shot...Geo
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by Der Ami
Der Ami
If I could still follow the dogs and didn't have to use a walking stick to stand, mine would be the Heym O/U 16 ga. With 60 cm open choke barrels, it has taken a pickup truck load of game for me.
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by Buzz
Browning Superposed 20 ga FKLT.
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by mc
Hoffman 12ga. 30inch bbl ejector.
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by Karl Graebner
Karl Graebner
Interesting discussion. Mine is a Churchill 21/2"12 ga. boxlock with 26" barrels, choked .003 & .011 weighing 5 lbs./ 12 oz.
Karl[Linked Image from]
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Any one of my 16 gauge Foxes that are less than 6 lbs. 4 oz. I like them all, that includes a few Sterlingworths, an AE, a B, and 2 XE's. But to be specific, it has to be the one upgraded XE with the straight hand grip that I bought re-stocked and that was spot on my specifications.

[Linked Image from]
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by sandlapper
My favorite has to be my W.&C. Scott Premier 16 gauge with 27” barrels choked Cyl/Mod at 5 lbs. 12ozs. I hunted for one for about 35 years before finding it. Greener said not one in five hundred English guns made was a 16 bore and I believe him. It handles like the proverbial Magic Wand. Sandlapper
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by Chuck H
Chuck H
This week?
This one.

[Linked Image from]
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by Owenjj3
Darryl, what a beauty and it is in amazing condition. No aspersions toward the slip, however I am sure you have impressed many hunting Acquaintances When that London best emerges from the camo sheath.
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