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Aug 5th, 2016
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#594075 03/17/2021 7:53 PM
by Steve Helsley
Steve Helsley
The first version of the next assault weapon ban is in print. No bill
number has yet been assigned. While normally this might be
considered wildly 'off topic' - It contains both good and perplexing
news for our members.

As part of the effort to define assault weapons, lists of firearms that
'are' definitely assault weapons and those that definitely 'aren't' have
been included in the legislation. The good news for our members
is that the authors of the legislation have graciously included in the list of
firearms that aren't assault weapons -- H&H Royals, Westley Richards
with detachable locks and Boss guns.

Now for the perplexing element. The Rigby 401 sidelock is also identified
as a non-assault weapon. As I serve a Rigby's company historian, that
model didn't 'ring a bell' - so I put the question to our managing director
in London. His response - and I quote was "HAHAHA."

For those of you who fancy rifles - the Ruger Mini-14 is NOT an assault weapon.

What a great country!
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by Dave Weber
Dave Weber
Here you go 125 pages of the finest bullshit Feinstein (long term hostess of Chinese spy) and the rest of the comrades can muster.

Read it...Don't be naïve our fine assault doubles, drillings and combination guns are on the list too...just not now.

Proposed Assault Ban 2021 by comrade Feinstein & the anti-constitutional Demo_rats.

This is a step on their ladder...Being true progressives the doubles are up around step 5 but they are on the block in 10 years unless this is kyboshed.

I would urge you to write or ping electronically your congress person and senator to vehemently oppose this soon to be active legislation.

Thank you.
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by Brian
We all knew this was coming. We were told it was coming. I find it interesting that the usual Biden/Dem party supporters of this board are so far silent.
I know, they will chime in with “its only assault weapons” (whatever that means since there is no legal definition for semi automatic forearms) what’s the big deal. No one needs them anyway.
Or: they only want to register them. Not take them away.
Or : its only registration, not confiscation.
Or: you only need a psych exam, what’s the big deal?
Or: you only have to buy insurance, and from the government so that’s cheaper, so whats the bog deal?
Stevie Wonder could see this coming.
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by OldMaineWoodsman
"to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and other purposes." - How many caught that?

The socialists learned a hard lesson from the previous and expired law. It appears that they have closed the loopholes that allowed manufacturers to import rifles without the "evil features." It also addresses the "pre and post-ban" loopholes that allowed one to assemble what is referred to as a "semiautomatic assault weapon."

Our country is in sad shape right now. The disaster on the Southern border, race and gender baiting, class warfare, restoring rights to felons while taking away those of law abiding citizens, further division and angering everyday Americans, Governors, Mayors and other elected officials drunk with new found power due to the pandemic, kids still not in school yet teacher's and their unions getting grants and bonuses, violent crime on the rise, and the politicizing of our military.

I refuse to believe that the majority of our fellow citizens wanted and voted for this.
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by Stanton Hillis
Stanton Hillis
I fail to see the good news. Any ban on any legally obtained firearm in America is a loss for all ........period. No ifs, ands or buts. What we have to defeat is the anti-gun movement's power, and not allow it to gain momentum. If they succeed in banning any type of now legal firearms that are in the hands of American citizens the snowball will have begun to roll downhill. It's always much easier to keep something from moving than it is to stop it once it does.

Work NOW! Don't be sorry later that you didn't. A defeat for them now will take some wind out of their sail.

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by btdtst
Yes, Brian, the Biden supporters are rather quiet. One of them that posts here very frequently ( to the tune of 10,883 posts so far ) cheerfully admits on another gun/shooting forum that he gladly voted for Biden and supports the new administration. Very strange.
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by craigd
Well now Ted, didn't you know that this is how slip-n-fall is reestablishing world credibility. I noticed the russians are also trembling, giving up their nuk ambitions if jo agrees to debate vlad to the bone. May you folks have a quiet and calm summer, relative to whatever is supposed to be the new normal.
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by Ted Schefelbein
Ted Schefelbein
Originally Posted by Geo. Newbern
What's the "Convention of States" movement?...Geo


Elimination of career bureaucrats through mandatory term limits, and law requiring the budget be balanced.

Simple, elegant, to the point, and vehemently opposed by Baizuo everywhere.

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by mc
As far as I know California has unfunded mandates far exceeding the tax windfall.
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by Perry M. Kissam
Perry M. Kissam
I hope his is the first door kicked in during the middle of the night by the gun confiscation gestapo.
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by keith
Whoa there Steve, we can't have the truth about anti-gun Democrat sponsored anti-gun legislation posted here. And hey...,Democrats promised to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment Rights of law abiding citizens.

"Promises made---Promises kept!"

The truth is offensive to the gun owners who voted for Biden and other anti-gun Democrats, so the truth must therefore be "moderated" into oblivion. After all, we gotta appease those Libtards who are aiding and abetting the demise of our gun rights!
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by Perry M. Kissam
Perry M. Kissam
Sleazy Joe and Kneepads Harris are going to start another civil war if they dont stop their madness. I would venture a guess that this one wont be civil either!!! But, it will likely be to the death!!!
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by Perry M. Kissam
Perry M. Kissam
"Pray for peace......prepare for war"
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by lagopus
Known as the 'Salami' method. One small slice at a time so you don't really notice. First one small thing and not many object because not many are involved; then another small cut and so on until it's all gone! Lagopus.….
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by pamtnman
I will not comply, and that is not a political statement. My own sheriff already said the same thing, too, so i feel like I am in good company. The sooner this illegal legislation becomes law, the sooner America can have that great cleansing and "reset" so many have yearned for. And I am talking about the re-set to 1787.
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by Replacement
As far as I know California has unfunded mandates far exceeding the tax windfall.

True, but those "unfunded mandates" are mostly related to public employee pension obligations. The unfunded portion can be excluded from the annual state budgets because because the CalPERS (govt ees) and CalSTRS (teachers) systems have been using wildly optimistic assumptions for their expected investment performance. This all harkens back to the early-mid 90's when the economy was booming and investment performance was strong. Some govt agencies started enriching their defined benefit pension plans to attract employees, and once a few agencies did that, most of the others followed so that they could remain competitive. Pension obligations grew like Topsy, to the point that employee contributions and investment performance could no longer support the actuarial obligations. Add in the optimistic investment projections. Combine that with increased lifespans. Add in in all the money that the state govt pisses away on problems of its own making (illegals, homeless, foolish energy policy, fraud, suing the federal govt, etc.), and the result is that the taxpayers are getting royally screwed. This state's government is beyond incompetent and inept. It is criminally negligent.
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by canvasback
Originally Posted by nca225
You guys always get you panties in a twist about this stuff. Sinema and Manchin, thankfully won't go for it and the stacked SCOTUS won't let it stand either. But if it does pass, it is the conservaturds fault. You people thought owning libs and ramming through bad laws and SC justices no matter the cost or the clear power grabbing hypocrisy was the way to go. Having seen how the Rs conducted themselves when in power, dismissing any meaningful or good faith discussions/negotiations with the opposition, why not take a few pages from your playbook? You're just on the receiving end now, which isn't all that bad for you guys because you're getting the benefits of good policy like the recent ARPA passage. Enjoy.

And please, by all means. Forcefully resist the law if passed. Id' like to see what happens to you.

Good faith? Good grief. I’m not American and it was obvious to me the previous administration was never extended a moment of good faith.....from the Dems or their waterboys in the media.
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