Yet Another RARE Martini 44 Shot Rook Rifle- Duplex Automatic - Side Lever Tail Cocking

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Hello All,

Since I'm showing Rook Rifles, I dug into my Collection and found yet another Rare Martini 44 Shot Rook Rifle that is seldom seen. I have always collected the different and strange and "Unique" Martini Rook Rifles. This dainty little gem weighs only 3 pounds 4 ounces. I have pocket knives that weigh nearly as much.

This one is called the "DUPLEX AUTOMATIC" because it actually has a duel, "Duplex" function action. It has a "Side" lever, and a "Tail" lever that is a rear extension to the pivoting breech block. When the Side lever is depressed, it opens the action and ejects the spent cartridge by the spring action of the top "tail" lever as it springs (snaps) up. The action remains open so that another round can be fed down the ramp and into the chamber. Then, when you depress the top "tail" lever, the action closes and cocks itself ready for firing. After firing, the side lever is again depressed and the sequence repeats. This little puppy is really cool.

The side of the Action is marked "Duplex Automatic" and the top of the barrel is marked "Stanley Arms Co". Stanly Arms Company was a trade name used on shotguns made by Simonis, Janssen, Dumoulin and Company of Liege, Belgium in the period 1883-1894.

The gun has approx 85%-90% remaining original case colors on the action and 70% fading original blue-turning plumb, on the barrel. (much better than the pictures show)

Here are the details about this interesting Rook Rifle.

3 lbs 4 oz - 24" Octogon to Round - 13-1/2" LOP - Markings as follows .... Arrow thru DF" (Dumoulin Freres) "44" bot Bbl - "Star L" "Spire" "Crown ELG" L Bbl "LB" "10.4" " "Script "EL" "MARETTE" "Shield DM" "Crowm U" R bot bbl flat - "LB" "M PAXSON" in forend

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