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Aug 5th, 2016
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#613081 03/28/2022 4:20 PM
by Karl Graebner
Karl Graebner
As a Vet, I wish to thank all those who served and to remember those and their families who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. It's been 24 years since for me, but I won't forget!
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#613194 Mar 29th a 11:47 PM
by mark
I would like to thank you and all the other Vets for there service!
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#613096 Mar 28th a 08:39 PM
by Argo44
Ed, you are the time that tries mens' souls! You have sure managed to demean "Vietnam Veterans' Day!"

Culture change? You mean helping a people defend themselves against a million man invading army led by a Red homicidal maniac (aren't they all), who decided the only "nationalist" was a communist and all the others needed to be killed?

Ed, Could I please suggest that you get off the drugs and just shut the flip up about Vietnam. As usual you know diddly. Now go off and flash your peace sign, put flowers in your hair, chant "Hey Hey LBJ How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?" and "Out Now!" and join hands with Jane Fonda at the Canadian border and glory in the great Spring Victory of a totalitarian dictatorship that pushed 2 million people into small boats floating in the South China Sea, herded a million more into reeducation camps for up to 10 years, conducted a genocidal campaign against the Montagnards, and reduced Vietnam to the poorest country in the world for 20 years. Do feel proud of your brave exploits during that period? You shouldn't be. And leave our day, the one dedicated to men who tried, alone. JERK
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#613105 Mar 28th a 10:25 PM
by L. Brown
L. Brown
I was either in the National Guard (joined as a high school senior in 1962, when my local Guard unit was significantly under strength) and was either in the Guard or working for the CIA during the remainder of the war in SE Asia. I tip my cap to all those who were "in country". This country is in a much better place these days, when Vietnam vets get the respect from their fellow Americans that they always deserved. It was too long in coming.
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#613150 Mar 29th a 11:32 AM
by AZMike
What a public opinion turn-around!
In 1971/72 the Army wouldn't let us wear our uniform while traveling as there were hippies getting their asses kicked for spitting on Joes!
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#613148 Mar 29th a 11:04 AM
by Stanton Hillis
Stanton Hillis
I have mentioned him here before, but his service to his country shines so brightly, through the years, that I will honor him again in memory.

Major Charles Kelly, my cousin's husband and founding pilot of Operation Dustoff, the chopper medi-vac unit in Vietnam. He was shot through the heart as he landed his chopper in a hot LZ to rescue wounded. Through his efforts, and those of other pilots in his unit, many young men came home, that might have died on the battlefield.

I visit his grave annually, in honor. Thank you Major, from a grateful heart.

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#613151 Mar 29th a 11:37 AM
by Stanton Hillis
Stanton Hillis
Mike, Maj. Kelly's funeral solidified my appreciation for those who put themselves in harm's way for the cause of freedom. I was 12 yrs. old, and the missing man formation fly by, the gun salute, the taps bugled and echoed by another bugler in the distance, along with all the other trappings of a military funeral changed me forever. I'll never forget it.
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#613165 Mar 29th a 03:33 PM
by ed good
ed good
public protest of war as a political option is one thing...

but, once our fellow citizens are sent in harms way, following the orders of our president, then, its time for us all to "rally round the flag"...

and if one chooses not to show public support for "the troops"...then as responsible, good citizens, one should do absolutely nothing that could be used to aid and abet those trying to kill our fellow citizens, "in the field"...

to do otherwise, certainly fits the legal definition of treason...

and for those who served honorably and did their duty, you have my utmost respect and admiration...

and for those who made it home alive...and then to suffer abuse from their fellow citizens, you have my deepest sympathy and admiration...

thank you all for your service...
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#613192 Mar 29th a 10:56 PM
by RHD45
I was in the Marines and went to Vietnam in August of 1965. My buddy and I volunteered to go to one of the recon outfits and were with 3rd Recon Battalion as radio operators. We both made it home ok but he was killed in a car accident 2 months after getting home. We were going to go back to Vietnam together and hopefully get back in our old outfit.Never had the heart after that and found out my replacement as a radio operator was killed 2 weeks after I left Vietnam. Knowing how my mom suffered emotionally when I was there I would probably do things different today if given it to do over. She lost her boyfriend at Pearl Harbor and I can only imagine how hard it was for her for me to be in a combat zone.Had a couple of run ins with some guys who wanted to disrespect me to my face which did not turn out well for them but nothing too serious. I still am a bit "jumpy" and like to sit watching the door when out and about. Probably due more to the current spate of irrational violence going on then Vietnam. I do sleep very lightly and really have never had a good nights sleep in many years unless on pain medication after surgeries.I have always been a nature freak and Vietnam was paradise for observing wildlife and being in a recon outfit I had a lot of time to just sit and observe what was going on in remote areas.Much sadness about those who did not make it home alive and much of the deaths were senseless and could have been prevented.Just like any other war in that respect.
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#613187 Mar 29th a 10:18 PM
by Bob Blair
Bob Blair
I was a MAT team leader in the Mekong Delta in 1971-72. By the time I left we had figured out the formula for winning and, in fact, were winning the war. problem is that by then we'd lost the support of the public because of the politicians like Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and especially McNamara, The cause was noble and we saved lives in our little sphere. The enemy was evil incarnate and would stoop to nasty and horrendously violent methods to get the South Vietnamese citizenry to follow their political philosophy. My team and I got up close and personal with those evil doers a nightly basis with significant success. I was happy to do everything I could do to protect the good Vietnamese people of our district and province and it breaks my heart to think of the fate we left them with when we left.

I didn't experience any of the name calling/spitting/rudeness and I wore my uniform both going and coming home. In fact, a fellow bought me a drink at the bar in SFO and thanked me for serving.....and that was 1971 or 1972 in San Francisco!
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