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Sep 20th, 2023
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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by Ted Schefelbein
Ted Schefelbein
Sorry if this is old news for some of you:

I didn’t agree with many of his political ideas, but, shared a common interest in double guns with King. There are a lot of guys who dropped off of Doublegunshop who we never hear from again. I always wonder what happened to Rabbit, treb, and a few others.

Godspeed, King.

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by mc
Yep that old commie was an interesting guy
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by canvasback
I couldn’t have disagreed with his politics more. But I would have been a lesser man for not having King for a friend. Accomplished, driven, kind and thoughtful. A good example of what it means to be a man. I’m fortunate our paths crossed.

If it’s possible I think King is looking down and smiling with satisfaction at Craig’s description…..”a frustrating old coot…”

RIP King.
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by eightbore
King and I bantered a bit, with me knowing of his politics. I always tried to stay within the bounds of guns and hunting, but King never let his politics be absent from the conversation. I recently lost a good gun and shooting friend whose politics were very similar to King's. I never understood how he could respect or vote for someone who would gladly take his firearms property and/or recreational opportunities from him when it was a very large percentage of the entire estate he had acquired over a sixty some year working career. I am personally acquainted with liberal voting people who own million dollar gun collections and somehow don't understand the possible outcome of such people getting their way in congress. Those wild and crazy Can......s. Oh, well.
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by GLS
Thanks, Ted. Over the last few months I had suspected your report and hadn't been able to find an obituary. King was well into his late 80's when he lost a Lab, but replaced it with a puppy knowing all the while that in the natural order, the dog would outlive him. He was encouraged by a younger friend to take the pup and that the younger man would adopt the dog when King passed. King never considered a life without a retriever. King overcame a heart attack and alcoholism in his middle years to live a life that could be envied by all. RIP, King.
Here he is with Nancy on May 7,2014 just before accepting the award mentioned in his obit. Photo was taken by street youth on the steps of the Museum of Natural History in NYC. According to him, he was dressed in "full Highlander."
[Linked Image from]

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by craigd
Originally Posted by LGF
....he was always very thoughtful and nuanced, and never responded in kind when he was shredded by our resident pit bulls.
I think it is a bit of a disservice to characterize King as shreddable. I could not stand his politics, and I let him know often, but he played in the dirt when he wanted to, and didn't when he didn't feel like it.

One of the parting images he left when winding down here a few years back was hand splitting winter fire wood, within a stone's throw of the duck marshes that he was so fond of. Good, bad or indifferent, the old misfires gave King enough comfort to share quite more about him, the man and frustrating old coot, than I believe he would have shared otherwise.

Godspeed King
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by Ted Schefelbein
Ted Schefelbein
Some of what he wrote made me wonder what meds he was on, or, missing. I remember a post that led to a pm exchange, in which I exasperatedly pointed out he did not seem to understand that there could be two viewpoints on an issue, and he didn’t seem to even consider that, much less listen to the version that was not his own.
“Yea, sometimes” which, was a minor victory, maybe the only one I ever had with him.

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by lonesome roads
lonesome roads
Originally Posted by HomelessjOe
Never cared for the socialist....but he made for some interesting threads.

Like the time he told about wrestling Martin Luther King.....

I liked the one about the Cubans that beat the crap out of him and tossed him in a ditch.

Sure was high on Crosby and Marchand.
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by mc
Yep commie are great foils and even better when they make stuff up I thought it was intertaining and some of his positions were just false that he stated as fact.still an interesting commie,,.ps I didn't think highlander could be commies
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by GLS
In the obit, under photos, row #9 depicts JFK and RFK on election night. Behind JFK's left shoulder stands King who is holding a folded document. Gil
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by LGF
Very sorry to hear this. I sent King a PM last year to ask if he was okay after he went silent and when he didn't respond I assumed he was ill. Here, as in the rest of his life, he was always very thoughtful and nuanced, and never responded in kind when he was shredded by our resident pit bulls.
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by ClapperZapper
He was a good man. He had a an interesting life. I sure hope that when my final tablet is written, that I have participated in half as many cool things as King.
Subsistence gunning for ducks in Nova Scotia takes you back to the wildest of fowling days. Being right in the middle of world changing events is on another level entirely.

Rest In Peace King.
I’m glad I read your words.
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by HomelessjOe
Never cared for the socialist....but he made for some interesting threads.

Like the time he told about wrestling Martin Luther King....and he kept his composure when I asked was he slick to hold onto.
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by Goillini
Like many of you, I vehemently disagreed with King’s politics and his views on lots of issues. He and I had a number of exchanges on those topics. But he was always respectful of me and I of him. I never met him, but if I had I’m sure we could have sat down and had a friendly chat about birds, dogs, double guns and shooting. RIP King Brown
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by Tim Carney
Tim Carney
Very sorry to learn of King Brown's death. Found him knowledgeable, and a great foil for some of the absurdities on the far right that people this Board.

Regards, Tim
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by keith
I must admit that I too had checked for an obituary for King after he went silent. But it wasn't because I missed him or his numerous anti-2nd Amendment posts. I'm not as impressed with his alleged accomplishments as others because it became very apparent that much of what he posted here simply wasn't true. I would not say that if I couldn't prove it. He had an uncanny knack of simply pretending to not see any reply that pointed out his falsehoods. He was a master of dropping out of a discussion when there was no other way to avoid looking totally dishonest, and then returning days later after the heat died down. I often thought he might have been the father of "Fake News". Watching him in action here was exactly like watching Biden blame Republicans for high inflation, illegal immigration, and efforts to defund the police.

I do believe he was an avowed Socialist, which he proudly admitted. And he was much admired by our Democrat gun owners and closet Liberals who support anti-gun Democrats. Sadly, when an anti-gunner like King, Ted Kennedy, Howard Metzenbaum, or Sarah Brady passes.... there is always another to replace them. I liked Ted's post questioning what meds he was on. At least that could explain some things.
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by GLS
“Still wondering why someone who claims such a friendship with JFK that he helped him out by taking Jackie on lunch dates was never once photographed. And that wild claim that you had such easy access to the Kennedy brothers that U.S. reporters complained about it. The Kennedy clan had to be one of the most photographed families in history. Don't photographers and reporters go hand in hand and travel in the same circles? When you go out to tend your grapes with JFK and Elvis, how about sending us a selfie? I told everyone here about doing similar Google searches on a few of your contemporaries who were pretty small time local newspaper reporters in my hometown. There they were in old photos interviewing Nixon, Eisenhower, JFK, etc. But these modest and decent men never claimed to be something they were not, and never felt the sick need to inflate their egos and their resumes.”
Above was said in a 13 page “piling on” Kingsley for being a “fabulist” about the Kennedys and MLK. 7/14/15 #410269. Here’s a photo which was on his obituary page. Posted somewhere on the forum was a link to a video of a filmed CBC interview of MLK by Kinglsey. After the video was posted, the attack then shifted from he didn't know MLK to that MLK didn’t like Kinglsey because he didn’t look at him in the interview which was recorded by a single camera from the side.
Kinglsey is on JFK’s left shoulder between JFK and RFK. Brown is holding a folded document. Photo found on Brown’s funeral home site.
[Linked Image from]
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