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The A H Fox Collectors Association Inc. would like to announce the winners of our 2nd Annual Bo-Whoop Trophy Competition, held last weekend at the Great Northeast Side by Side Classic Event at Hausmann's Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays in PA.

Aptly named for Nash Buckingham's famous 32" barreled Super Fox, the theme of our Bo-Whoop Competion is "Excellence In Long Range Shooting". Our 2009 target presentation was a simultaneous pair. First bird was a deep quartering/rising bird from a trap only about 25 yards to the left of the butt. The second bird came from a trap about 35 yards directly in front - throwing a rising bird with a curl to the right. Most shooters were able to engage the second bird at 60-65 yards. The Competition consisted of 5 simultaneous (true) pairs of targets. We had 48 practice shooters and 39 shooters for score at the B-W Event.

Our 2009 Winners are as follows:

2009 Bo-Whoop Champion- Mike Campbell of western NY. Mike also won our first B-W Event last year.

2009 Runner-Up- Paul Plunkett III of NJ. Paul is the AHFCA Treasurer and he also won Runner-Up last year.

2009 - Third Place- J. D. Shank of PA. J. D. is a well known east coast shooter and practical shooting instructor.

Along with the Bo-Whoop shooting the A H Fox Collectors put out a call for HE-grade Super Fox guns, and a total of 13 were on the grounds at the Northeast Classic Event. Anyone interested in Super Foxes may use this link for the thread on our display and to see some pictures of these famous waterfowlers.

The Northeast Classic had many shooting venues including its signature Hunter Clays - preliminary events on Friday and Saturday for 10 through 410 gauge. The Main Event was on Sunday on its excellent sporting clays course. Owner, Ernie Hausmann, reported some 283 shooters took advantage of the Hunter Clays and Main Event venues over the three days. Other specialized events were offered during the event, including Mad Jack, a vintage SBT event, a 10 gauge event, 5-stand, and an excellent random/computer controlled flurry. Over 4-1/2 pallets of clays were thrown over the three days. A large vendor tent included many double gun and accouterments vendors. This additional link includes many pictures and details on the Northeast Classic Side by Side as it unfolded.

The A H Fox Collectors Association congratulates our three champions and all the shooters who participated in our Bo-Whoop Competition and table display. We also thank again our host Ernie Hausmann of Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays for his warm and sincere support of the Fox Collectors organization.

2009 Bo-Whoop Champion - Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell and Paul Plunkett (Bo-Whoop Runner Up)

Craig Larter, AHFCA Executive Director, presenting third place award to J.D. Shank
(copy of "Game Bag" by Nash Buckingham - donated by John Allen/Game Fair Ltd - Nashville)

Congrats Mike, Paul & J.D.!!!

What were the scores?

SuperFoxes, Very cool!
Scores: Mike broke 6 of 10 targets, Paul and J.D. had 4 each. Two shootoffs were needed to make the Runner Up and third place cuts.
Mike has that beautifully restocked Fox, an unfair advantage I would say!!!
He should be handicapped, let's say one arm tied behind his back.
I very much enjoyed reading this with the links. Must say the Fox Collector's group has its act really together.
TTT. Reference for SXS clays gun thread.
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