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Posted By: J. Stephens Perugini & Visini DR questions - 06/17/09 06:07 PM
Any one know much about the Perugini & Visini Double rifles? How well do they shoot & General quality etc. The rifle is configured in a "Modern" type of set up with Double bolt and without a third fastener. I'm looking at a low end model with scalloped boxlock in 9,3 x 74R (extractor model) this one has a a Scope with an asking price of around 6K (this does not include the hard case) Anyone know what market is for this setup? Any and all input on above is appreciated! Thanks in advance. Jeff
Posted By: eightbore Re: Perugini & Visini DR questions - 06/18/09 02:05 PM
Jeff, are you looking at the lightweight variation? New or used? I have handled but not shot the lightweight 9.3 and it is a real wand.
Posted By: Bob Jurewicz Re: Perugini & Visini DR questions - 06/18/09 02:19 PM
Kebco on Gunbroker has a NIB Merkel 141.1 with provision for scope and mounts for $5000. Another $1000 for mounts, rings and good scope produces a much better DR in my opinion. The new Merkel have muzzle adjustment for regulation. I just regulated my new 30-06 with my handloads and produced a little less than 1" 50 yd 4 shot group (2 L - 2 R).
Bob Jurewicz
Posted By: J. Stephens Re: Perugini & Visini DR questions - 06/18/09 04:06 PM
I think that the rifle in question is an older model(?)but really can't say for sure. It is fairly light so recoil would be a bit much me thinks. Bob..thanks for your input on the Merkel I do appreciate it. BTW, your Merkel sounds like a sweet shooter!!! As an aside, I have read on this BBs that the Chapuis also shoots very well also! Jeff S.
Posted By: QTRHRS Re: Perugini & Visini DR questions - 06/18/09 05:53 PM

The gun is probably an Express which an old Blue Book shows being imported through '89. Listed with ejectors, case colors and iron sights. Last MSRP was $3500.

My gunsmith had one of these in the 80's. I remember the gun as well turned out but very plain. He had milled the rib for Ruger bases I beieve and said it was very well regulated.

As already noted the asking price would buy a Merkel or UGEX. 6K sounds to strong.
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