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Posted By: alecbh A little info on the Bauer Rabbit? - 08/29/10 12:51 AM
Hey everyone, I'm new here, and found y'all through a little searching about combo guns. Well, my affinity for combination guns came from receiving my first gun as a birthday gift, and it was a pretty nondescript gun that nobody seemed to be able to identify. After a lot of internet research and asking umpteen million questions, I finally learned that it was a Bauer Rabbit .22LR/.410 O/U. It's honestly a very cheaply built gun, but you couldn't buy it off me for the world. Anyways, I've had a few issues with it, but nothing keeping me from enjoying it.

I do, however, always love learning more about it, so if any of you guys have one, or know a good bit about them, I'd really appreciate any info you can give me on it. I know it's a less common re-brand of the Garcia Bronco, and I know little beyond that. Also, if you have any good source of spare parts, that'd be awesome, too.
Posted By: Chuck H Re: A little info on the Bauer Rabbit? - 08/29/10 02:03 PM
If you google "Bauer Rabbit .410 .22" you'll find some for sale and some forums discussing them. Looks like a 1980's gun made for a kid's first gun. Probably made from mostly zinc or aluminum diecasting with some steel parts.

If this gun fascinates you, you'll probably be hooked once you see some good examples of higher quality similar guns and the quality o/u and sxs guns.
Posted By: alecbh Re: A little info on the Bauer Rabbit? - 08/29/10 06:30 PM
Thanks, that's all the information I've been able to find so far, unfortunately. There's really not much more to learn from the internet about this gun... My biggest search for now is to find spare parts, and a diagram. It's held together by hollow pins that are flared on the ends(no clue what this is called), so it's not exactly something I'd want to take apart, for fear of ruining it forever.

And I'm already drooling over CZ's BRNO combo. It's just a wee bit out of my price range(read $1500 dollars out of my price range).
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