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Posted By: UpInMichigan C. Daly (Miroku) choke markings? - 01/03/07 01:11 AM
I've received great advice and answers to questions here in the past. Hoping for an answer to this one . . .

Last weekend I looked at a Charles Daly O/U made by Miroku. 28 inch tubes, 12 gauge. When you break the action you can see that the ends of the barrels are marked inside (i.e. on the part of the barrels that's hidden when the gun is closed) with a series of plus and minus signs. My common sense tells me these must be choke markings, but I haven't been able to find an answer to what they mean.

The top barrel is marked + (that's one plus sign) and the bottom barrel is marked + + - (that's two plus signs and one minus sign). Anybody know how to interpret these?

Posted By: tudorturtle Re: C. Daly (Miroku) choke markings? - 01/03/07 01:35 AM
I think the Miroku choke markings are; + is full, and ++- is improved cylinder. A quick check with a standard choke gauge should tell you if these (my memory is terrible and I don't have it written down) are correct.
Posted By: postoak Re: C. Daly (Miroku) choke markings? - 01/03/07 02:28 AM
Yeti - is correct on the +, but ++- is IM, I believe.

The Miroku choke nomeclature:

+ full choke
++- improved modified
+- modified
++ improved cylinder
SS skeet
CYL cylinder
Posted By: tudorturtle Re: C. Daly (Miroku) choke markings? - 01/03/07 03:20 AM
Thanks Postoak! Now I got 'em. *cut*paste*save*
Posted By: hotrack Re: C. Daly (Miroku) choke markings? - 01/04/07 01:19 PM
Postoak you are correct, a lot of people mix these markings with browning because the guns look similar but the choke markings are very different, you can get the whole story on wisernesinc. com.

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