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Posted By: Mark Ayers ANy ideas on this piece? - 07/10/13 08:48 AM
Thanks for the add! I have a shotgun I am trying to figure out the history on. Thanks in advance for any help. It's a side by was made in Linz Austria, it has the circled elg stamp without has the 17.0 metric stamp for 16 gauge...there is a C. Shintzle on the barrel and it is highly engraved. (or C. Sternitzle) it is hard to read. link is to the pictures...

unknown shotgun
Posted By: 2-piper Re: ANy ideas on this piece? - 07/10/13 11:14 AM
When I click that link I get a Facebook page that requires I either log in or sign up. As I have no desire to join Facebook I didn't see a shotgun.
I do note though the circled ELG without crown is an early Belgian proof mark.
Posted By: Rockdoc Re: ANy ideas on this piece? - 07/10/13 11:31 AM
Like many here I appreciate my privacy too much to even think about being on Facebook, click on this link for a photo posting tutorial . BTW there are people here with incredible knowledge of SXS's you'll find that it's definitely worth the trouble.
Posted By: Mark Ayers Re: ANy ideas on this piece? - 07/11/13 03:08 AM
thanks guys!
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