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Posted By: Small Bore Edward Lang Patent - 07/27/13 02:02 PM

Some people expressed interest in the Edward Lang assisted opener I included in a recent post. Here is a bit more information and some more photos of the gun.
Posted By: craigd Re: Edward Lang Patent - 07/27/13 02:59 PM
Thanks much Diggory for showing very interesting bits of history. I can understand the business part of evaluating a classic gun, but I wonder if we'll look back down the road and think we shouldn't have written off many projects based on resale. Seems like this one is destined to be one less in a limited and shrinking pool. Too bad it can't be an undamaged wallhanger that some future enthusiast might appreciate.
Posted By: Small Bore Re: Edward Lang Patent - 07/27/13 03:06 PM
Guns like this can be preserved and form an interesting and inexpensive collection.
Posted By: Shotgunlover Re: Edward Lang Patent - 07/27/13 08:58 PM
North London, we were neighbors then. I wonder if Whaleys is still there in Hornsey Road.

Fascinating review of the Edward Lang. That rotating cam in contact with the spring reminds me of a Purdey for some reason. I wonder if it could have inspired Beesley to use a cam in his action. Now if Beesley was also a North London lad that might start some speculation.
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