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Posted By: SIXSKB Butt Stock Bedding and Minor Repairs - 09/24/14 01:48 PM
Probably way behind on the subject but just found out that Micro-Bed is no longer available. Been using it for probably 40+ years and found it ideal; small quanity mixes and a paste consistency. Just about out of my old stock and went looking. Acraglas from my limited experience is to thin. What are others using?
The paste style Acrglas works fine. The 50/50 mix makes it easy to do very small amounts. Getting the color right is tougher on small amounts due to the dyes being very intense and hard to control on small amounts of glass.

Posted By: B. Dudley Re: Butt Stock Bedding and Minor Repairs - 09/25/14 12:26 PM
I find that acriglass is too thin for some applications, but it cures to be very hand and really attaches to the wood. The acriglass gel does not run, but it seems to not get as hard when dry. I personally like mixing in a little bit of the regular acriglass in with the gel for a good compromise.

I have also used the Pro Bed stuff that Midway sells. I liked that for a one with a paste consistency.
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