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Posted By: HOS winchester model 12 and Remington 31 help needed - 10/06/14 06:30 PM
I have a Model 12 and Rem Model 31 that need to be adjusted, as the second shell coming up from the magazine gets hung up about 50% of the time. Any suggestions for gunsmith who can make the necessary adjustment? NY New England location preferred. Thanks.
Reloads or factory loads. Sometimes the rims on reloads can get flattened enough that they get oversized and will hang up. A MEC supersizer will bring them back to proper size. The reason I suggest this is that you are having the same problem with two different shotguns. When I was loading for my X's trap and skeet pumpguns this would pop up on occasion.
Factory loads. I have a couple of Remington 870s that work just fine. The second shell just barely hits the chamber wall near the ejection port; i.e., on the right side, and needs to be pushed in in order to chamber.
Quite a coincidence.

The rule of 'don't force anything' does not apply to slide action guns.

Pull the slide back with authority, and quickly and positively close the action.

Sometimes if the action is worked too slowly the shell will foul on an extractor and cant.

Don't give it a chance, play that trombone!
Are these guns by any chance 16 ga. guns of an age that they could have been manufactured for 2 5/8 shells? I had a model 12 16 ga that required some serious grinding on the ejection port before it would reliably eject modern shells. The guy who did the work knew what he was doing and the gun always ran reliably afterward.
I certainly am not going to criticize anyone's "form" over the internet, probably anyone on this forums knows a mechanical problem versus operator error.
I will say that I have "fixed" at least two pump guns with ejection/chambering problems in the last month by telling the owners that they couldn't baby them.
I didn't make that assumption Hoof.

Perhaps I should have.

No offense intended, just a 'tip'.
Crud is often the root of feeding problems.

Beyond that, and with regard to M-12s, there are a number of possible causes. M-12s are, essentially, controlled round feed. So extractor hook wear or loss of extractor tension, on either side, can misdirect the shell. The LH extractor is the weaker sister, so shell noses might tilt toward the right. Sometimes a change of ammo fixes things, at least for a time.

A poorly timed/binding shellplate can cause misfeeds. A broken firing pin can present as feeding trouble.

If your M-12 is an original 28 there may be nothing wrong at all. Kinda normal for the breed.

I have had good luck with this shop that specializes in Model 12s:
OK, thanks to all. They are both 12 gauges. I am way on the back nine of life, have had a number of pump guns, and have two (quite awesomely stocked) model 870s, a model 42, and a model 37 Ithaca. No problem with any of these. I have pumped these problem guns hard and soft and still have a problem. I will take them tomorrow and REALLY pump them; report thereafter.
HOS, one question, are you using good Rem or Win ammo (STS or AA) or some of the cheaper stuff??
almost everything, remington, winchester, rios, federals. sometimes it works, sometimes not.
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