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I went to a gun show today and i picked um an interesting single 10 gauge, it has no proof marks, serial numbers or any other identifying marks, there is a 10 on the left side of the barrel and it has a small knurled safety located behind the trigger on the left side im trying to load some pictures
I cant figure out how to load photos on here could somebody help me out
Sure, forward them to me & I'll gladly post them.


Put the photo on your desktop and title it. Go to Open a free account. You'll see a screen like this once you sign on.

Click "choose file" which will bring up a list of the documents on your desktop.
Click on the document you want to upload.
Click "upload"

It will then bring up this screen:

Copy the code for "forums." If you want to change the resolution/size, you can click on the numbers above the code before copying the code. Post the code on your message.

Really simple once you do it a couple of times.
i still cant load these pics can i email them to someone to post them for me please


Based on the engraving, and nothing else, I believe it is Spanish.

You said it has no proofmarks. If that's true it may be one of those asian copies we see from time to time.
I like it. Hammergun might have nailed it as being an Asian gun. There was one with a Greener style safety on the market for a while a few years ago. ..Geo
Geo, Hammer, the story from the guy i bought from was that it was brought back by a WW2 vet that was in the the Philippines involved in the pacific campaign, if it was an Asian gun that would make sense according to the story, if it is an Asian gun who could have made it?
My guess would be a Japanese...Geo
ok once you guys said japanese i found something very similar, the set up of the cocking mechanism, the configuration of the water table (minus the proof marks) is exactly the same, as it the offset screw under the lever on the tang
You'll probably never know. Just enjoy it for what it is.
I measured the choke before I bought it with a choke gauge it showed that it was choked 12g imp. cylinder, i didnt even realize it was a 10g until i got it home, im gonna pattern it this weekend, it should be a killer on the spring turkeys
If you measured around .719" I.D. at the muzzle, and it's a 10 ga. with close to nominal bore diameter, you've got a hell-for-tight choked gun............... with somewhere around .056" constriction. If it shoots where it looks, it should be a turkey slayer from who laid the chunk. And the last thing that gobbler hears won't be in Spanish, Filipino, or any other language. In fact he probably won't even hear the gunshot.

thats what i was thinking stan, i know i cant even belive the choke on it, im looking forward to seeing what it does
You'll have to measure the bore to determine how much actual choke is there, just checking the muzzle "Only" tells what size the muzzle is. I don't know how much it takes but have heard say that Too Much Choke can give patterns worse than a good Cylinder bore.

The only way to truly know for certain is a pattern test.
Originally Posted By: 2-piper
You'll have to measure the bore to determine how much actual choke is there

Notice I said "'s close to nominal bore diameter".

I knew you'd likely be reading it. wink

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