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Posted By: RDD New podcast episode ideas - 03/06/21 12:49 AM
Hello all.
As I am getting my podcast back up and running I wanted to see if I could get your opinions on upcoming episode ideas and put it to the group for other ideas that I could explore. Currently, I am working on new episodes on:

  • Engraving 101 to planning your own custom project
  • pairs (trios) of shotguns, history and reuniting orphaned pairs
  • Browning 'salt' guns
  • vintage fluid steel barrels, sleeving, etc
  • new double barreled shotgun buyers guide up to $1,200 / shotgun buyers guide $1,500 - $3,000

I have a few other ideas in my head. I hate to lean on this forum but there is absolutely no better collective wealth of knowledge/genuine shotgun interest available to me - are there ideas, guests, topics that you think would make for a good 30 minute discussion? As I always try to mention - I am a hobbyist who does this in my spare time with my own resources because I love talking about, learning about, collecting and using doubles.
Posted By: gunman Re: New podcast episode ideas - 03/06/21 09:11 AM
Could be interesting .May even lay a few of the many long held but incorrect ideas people have got from books etc to rest
Posted By: bls Re: New podcast episode ideas - 03/11/21 01:11 AM
How about something covering the tried and true, and highly subjective topic: Future Collectibles.

What will we all kick ourselves over in 10 years for not buying today....
I remember back when SMLE Enfields were $19.99 on the cover of the Shotgun News..
Or when you could by SKS rifles for $79.99 by the case...
HECK, maybe the younger kids will say "I wish I could find a mint in box First Generation Super Black Eagle!"
Look at the market for Gen 1 GLock 17s....they are coveted.
Same trend as in cars.....first Model As, then Z28 Camaros....
What is it that the next generation of collectors will want?
Guys in their 70s remeber when the Winchester Model 12 ruled the press...when those guys grew up and had disposable income, boom, the Model 12s go UP...
The Parkers no one wanted in the 1960s....the ones with cut down barrels and "too much drop"....

What is today's best buy for a regular guy (I don't mean we should all go buy a Purdey..)
Ruger Red labels? Browning BSS? The remaining Super Poseds that are still affordable....or early Citors?

Steel shot in older guns?
The Vintage Gun Journal ran a great series about using their own English Versions of lower dose Steel Shot in vintage guns. Maybe a discussion of what options are out there. Due to the current ammo shortage, finding Tung and Bis loads is even tougher. I believe RST is the only source of Bismuth 2.5" 12ga ammo.

Also, the old topic; SXS v O/U is always good fodder.
I was at Cabela's today with my friend who was getting a quote on an old SxS he wanted to sell. The counter guys repeated the mantra several times "Side by Sides no one wants any more"....(I finally told the guy baloney).
Posted By: eightbore Re: New podcast episode ideas - 03/11/21 10:35 PM
Your podcast can't discuss anything that hasn't already happened. Sorry about that. How about "I got mine, now you go get yours." The best strategy is to enjoy what you have, and enjoy shooting them. Don't try to jack the market.
Posted By: RDD Re: New podcast episode ideas - 03/25/21 04:42 PM
Great suggestions. I just released something similar to your #2 suggestion. I like the #1 idea a lot. It will take some research and digging in. I have a few more in the works - having fun doing it.
Posted By: GLS Re: New podcast episode ideas - 03/25/21 08:14 PM
As for the Superposed suggestion, If you could get Art Isaacson, on board to discuss his specialty of repairing and restoring Brownings, especially the Superposed, that would be an interesting program. Jim Kelly of Darlington Gunworks would be another interesting participant. While a USAF Armorer, he moonlighted with French gunsmiths while stationed in France and apprenticed under their tutelage. He was General "Bombs Away" Curtis Lemay's gunsmith in France. Gil
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