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Posted By: sandlapper Charles Lancaster records - 05/04/21 07:35 PM
I emailed Atkin,Grant&Lang yesterday to see if they had the Lancaster records. They did not, so I am left wondering who does have them. Anyone have any idea? Thanks, Sandlapper
Posted By: Mr W martin Re: Charles Lancaster records - 05/04/21 08:12 PM
Hello sandlapper, A few years ago records/information was held by Ronald Wharton in the UK. (website was Bunduki or similar). I don't know if this is still the case, but worth a look. Small fee for copy of ledger etc. I have used this service but no longer have contact details.Regards, Mr w martin
Posted By: susjwp Re: Charles Lancaster records - 05/04/21 10:05 PM
They had the records as of two years ago. They will draft a letter on their letterhead with the details they have in the Lancaster records. I emailed about a possible purchase asking for a few specifics with the intention of ordering a letter if the sale went through. They sent what I asked for in a very reasonable amount of time via email but the sale never materialized. Lancasters are under valued in today’s market but they were among the more expensive in their day.

Good luck.
Posted By: sandlapper Re: Charles Lancaster records - 05/05/21 01:33 PM
Gentlemen, Thank you very much for the information.If either of you comes upon any contact information on Mr. Wharton, please let me know. Regards, Sandlapper
Posted By: SKB Re: Charles Lancaster records - 05/05/21 01:35 PM
I believe Ron Wharton has passed on but his wife still has the records. A friend of mine has been in contact with her recently. The next time I talk to him I will see if I can get her contact info for you.

Posted By: sandlapper Re: Charles Lancaster records - 05/05/21 01:49 PM
I searched and found the site you referred to. I sent message, so we’ll see what happens. Thanks, Sandlapper
Posted By: gunman Re: Charles Lancaster records - 05/08/21 06:53 PM
I saw the Lancaster records many years ago and they did not seem very comprehensive .
Posted By: susjwp Re: Charles Lancaster records - 05/09/21 12:44 PM
Have you searched Griffin and Howe’s web site? They apparently imported guns and have some info in their records. Bob Beach, who I believe posts on this site, was and may still be in retirement their historian. He copied ledger information for me on a Lancaster SLE some time ago.
Posted By: MZWilliamson Re: Charles Lancaster records - 05/31/21 01:56 AM
This is the site
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