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Posted By: Imperdix Market values.A - 05/27/21 07:22 PM
Anyone interested in the state of the UK market for guns should have a look at Ryedale Auctioneers sale today .The catalogue is online with hammer prices of the lots that actually sold.
Posted By: Daryl Hallquist Re: Market values.A - 05/27/21 08:41 PM
do you have a website address for the auction ?

OK, here it is.
Posted By: gunut Re: Market values.A - 05/28/21 04:18 AM
there is no market over there....particularly for the OLD Fashioned guns......think they will soon start using them for new road underlayment.....
Posted By: KY Jon Re: Market values.A - 05/28/21 01:23 PM
Lot of tired looking guns in that auction. Most it seems got no bids or not one high enough to meet the minimum which is a pity. That means they will be just added to the next auction. I agree there is just no market for low grade, well worn doubles right now and I doubt there ever will be again. It cost too much to import them into the US for it to be much use to us. I try to cherry pick a odd gun here and there, but by the time you pay for everything it is more a labor of love than a bargain hunt. So I go for odd operating systems or long barreled small bore which can be rare to find even in the auctions.
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