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Posted By: gjw Memorial Day - 05/31/21 10:43 AM
Lets not forget what today stands for. Picnics and gatherings with family and friends are great. But, today is the day we honor those who gave their all in defense of our freedoms and the security of this great nation. That should be first in our thoughts today.

In memory of my beloved Father, Julius M. Westberg, 3rd Bn, 351st Inf Regt, 88th Inf Div ("The Blue Devils" - as the Germans called the division). CIB, BSM, PH w/OLC. Fought in the Italian Campaign from entering Rome thru the occupation.

The finest man I've ever known.

May God hold each of those men and women in his loving arms.

God bless them.

Posted By: Parabola Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 10:45 AM
Posted By: Stanton Hillis Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 11:22 AM
Posted By: David Williamson Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 11:49 AM
Yes, Amen
Posted By: L. Brown Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 11:49 AM
Well said, MSG Westberg.

I remember those "Red Bulls" (1/133d Infantry) when I enlisted in the National Guard in 1962 who were WWII vets. They were among the first units to engage the German Army in Operation Torch, when we invaded North Africa. And were still fighting in Italy at the end of the war. Many of them didn't return home. And they served again in Iraq (one of the first units to be "surged") and Afghanistan, with more who gave their lives.

And as a former CIA officer, I remember Micheal Spann, the first American casualty in Afghanistan following 9/11. One of the stars on the Agency's memorial wall is his.

Larry J. Brown
COL (ret), MI-USAR
Posted By: Der Ami Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 12:59 PM
Remembering my father's younger brother, Dwight Henry Ford, 4th Marine Div. who didn't come home from Iwo Jima. I was 17 days old when the invasion started so I never knew him, but for my whole life my grandmother had a picture of the Flag Raising over his bed. " Uncommon valor was a common virtue".
Posted By: FallCreekFan Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 02:11 PM

Hat over heart.
Posted By: Karl Graebner Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 02:54 PM
Well said and remembered. Bless all those who sacrificed for our freedoms.
My God bless and keep America1
Posted By: Lloyd3 Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 04:47 PM
God bless them all.
Posted By: KY Jon Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 06:15 PM
God bless them from a greatful free nation.
Posted By: GLS Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 07:30 PM
Forever Young:

SSGT Thomas Henry Laird, "Air Apaches", 500th Bomb Sqdn, 345th Bomb Group, 5th Air Force, MIA/KIA October 16, 1943, Wewak, New Guinea

PFC Robert Hardeman, 2nd Marines, KIA July 2, 1944, Saipan.

Mom's oldest brother; mother-in-law's only brother.

All gave some; some gave all. Gil
Posted By: Argo44 Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 07:55 PM
Honoring my father today - Capt. Cintl of the 82nd was at the WWII Memorial along with the Chairman of the 82nd Airborne association.

[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
Posted By: GLS Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 08:22 PM
Gene, it is touching to see your tribute to your dad. Gil
Posted By: gil russell Re: Memorial Day - 05/31/21 08:27 PM
21 years old. Absolutely the greatest generation. I wish we could say the same of ours. May they rest in peace. The other Gil
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