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Posted By: arrieta2 Gun & Trophy Ins. Company - 06/16/21 07:27 PM
Gun & Trophy Insurance Company. They have been advertising in several magazines. They write under the Hanover group. Does anybody have this insurance?
I guess the real question is not that anybody has it, but has anybody had to use it.

Thanks for the input.

John Boyd

P.S. If you have gun insurance and had a good experience with them paying a claim, I would love to hear about it.

The reason as I have been thinking about changing companies and a good report from someone you has had a good experience is always the best.
Posted By: gil russell Re: Gun & Trophy Ins. Company - 06/16/21 07:39 PM
John: I posed a similar question some time ago but regarding Eastern Insurance as the servicing agent for Hanover. The responses were positive as I recall; your point is well taken--it's impossible to tell how good a policy is until you have a claim.
Posted By: arrieta2 Re: Gun & Trophy Ins. Company - 06/16/21 08:53 PM
Yes Gill. They are always great when the money flows in their direction.

John Boyd
Posted By: DAM16SXS Re: Gun & Trophy Ins. Company - 06/17/21 01:25 AM
I made a claim on my Hanover insurance through Eastern two years ago and just as they advertise, no questions asked, they paid in full.
Posted By: susjwp Re: Gun & Trophy Ins. Company - 06/18/21 11:15 AM
There is a long thread on the Parker site with PDF detailing comparisons between agents and coverage.
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