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Posted By: Run With The Fox WTB - 07/14/21 11:11 PM
Neither Numerich or the folks on Gun broker have any buttstocks and buttplates listed for a LeFever Nitro Special 20 gauge. Any ideas from the cognoscenti here? RWTF
Posted By: John E Re: WTB - 07/15/21 01:32 AM

Maybe one of these?
Posted By: FallCreekFan Re: WTB - 07/15/21 02:40 AM
PM sent.
Posted By: bbman3 Re: WTB - 07/15/21 12:45 PM
Google Gunstocks,Inc. Bobby
Posted By: Run With The Fox Re: WTB - 07/15/21 12:59 PM
Thanks- I did- unfortunately, the buttstocks for a 20 gauge Nitro Special are only a Special Order item. Those two words raise a big old red flag in my experience. RWTF
Posted By: Lloyd3 Re: WTB - 07/15/21 02:02 PM

Looks to be a fairly standard item for them....

OK, now I see. So what does a special order entail? FWIW, I bought a 20 gauge M12 stock from them some years ago and it was very nice. My 1913 M12 in 20 is now wearing it.
Posted By: bbman3 Re: WTB - 07/15/21 04:50 PM
I bought several stocks from them in the past and they are great to do business with. Bobby
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