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Posted By: gjw Flitz - Best method - 08/18/07 02:42 AM
Hi all, whats the best method to clean/polish your coin finished receiver?

Do you apply a small amount with a cloth and rub lightly then wipe with a clean cloth and buff? Or how do you do it?

Thanks so much!!


Posted By: Lowell Glenthorne Re: Flitz - Best method - 08/18/07 12:24 PM
That stuff will take the finish off a battleship!
Posted By: APS Re: Flitz - Best method - 08/18/07 02:29 PM
I use a patch with flitz. After application I go to a clean patch to remove any excess flitz and then wipe down the receiver with Sheath or Remoil to make sure all the flitz residue is removed.

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