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Posted By: C. Kofoed Please don't forget Dave............... - 02/11/08 07:44 PM
We are well into the annual donation drive and I see just a few more than twenty of us have chosen to donate to the upkeep of this fine board? Please take the time now, if you like me, find yourself checking in here every day for bit of double gun information or good cheer.

Dave Weber is a very decent fellow, and frankly, has had to deal with some distinctly upleasant business on the board this year. Let's all show our appreciation now with a spot of cash for Mr Weber. Come on now, if you play here, please pay here.

Good shooting!

Time to step up and be counted!

I look at this board more than any of my magazine subscriptions - it is the best doublegun site in existence.

25 contributers (thus far) compared to a membership of several thousand is pathetic. We can do better than that. Dave only asks once a year.

Posted By: Brian Re: Please don't forget Dave............... - 02/12/08 03:27 AM
thanks for the reminder, I always forget till I see a message liek this.
Check on the way
Thanks for the reminder. Check will be sent soonist.

Posted By: Brian Re: Please don't forget Dave............... - 02/13/08 02:54 AM
check on the way
So, I have tried three times. I have donated in the past. Big deal-$100 each time. I love the site. This time, I have tried and tried to donate and the site will not accept the password or the card. Damn, try to give money,and now no way to do it.
Posted By: jjwag69 Re: Please don't forget Dave............... - 02/14/08 03:27 AM
I had no problem, glad I was reminded!

Posted By: tw Re: Please don't forget Dave............... - 02/14/08 04:08 AM

I was always told the third time is the charm;-)

Oh well, just do the contact Dave thing from this site. He will get back to you. A fine stand up person he is too & great guy to speak with, if you've never had the op.
You were told right except it took the fourth try. Bill
Counted 44 as of 2129 on 14 February.

Looks like we are up to about 50 now, very good. I should think we can easily get twice that number, keep it up!
Hovering at about 50; only 3 weeks to go. Lets double that!
Let's see. 50 out of 7500 registrants. Less than 1% !!.

Come on folks!
Posted By: Ironman5 Re: Please don't forget Dave............... - 03/06/08 06:27 PM
Paypal made it easy. Kids won't have any lunch money this week, but I'll sleep good knowing that I can continue to partake in my favorite BBS. This is by FAR the best double gun source on the net - keep up the good work.

p.s. Is it a problem that I paid with my wife's paypal account (I think it only matters that Dave gets the donation). I guess it's a little late for that question.
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