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Lost a good friend Sunday January 27, 2019. He contributed on here and was very knowledgeable on pre-1913 L.C. Smiths. Many of our members will miss him at the Southern SxS as he always had good stories and brought with him some of his fine guns to show.
God bless his family, RIP my friend.
Posted By: Mills Re: The passing of Dick Miller alias Laxcoach - 02/01/19 04:02 PM
Sorry to hear the news
Thanks Mills, looking forward to seeing you at the Southern.
Sorry for your loss. Iíve had a bad run of friends and hunting partners moving to better grounds.

It never gets easier.

Thanks Ted, it was a shock to all of us that knew him. He died in his sleep, peaceful way to go.
Posted By: keith Re: The passing of Dick Miller alias Laxcoach - 02/03/19 11:41 PM
My condolences to you and Dick Miller's family. I will miss his contributions to this forum, and really appreciate the L.C. Smith knowledge he shared with me. I was deleting some PM's last night because my message box was filled, and I noticed he had taken the time to share some information with me. Nice guy.
Yes he was Keith. Every year at the Southern SxS we would sit around with others and talk for hours, mostly about Smith guns.
Wow. I stumbled upon this news today. Dick was one of the most welcoming guys in the group. I will miss trading observations. May he Rest In Peace.
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