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Posted By: fishrising Boxlock safety resetting after first shot - 10/25/20 01:36 AM
Anyone have any initial thoughts as to why my Aspen Outfitting Company Urgatechea 16ga double trigger SxSís safety is resetting itself after the first shot? Seems to be that inertia is resetting the safety. If I use snap caps, pull the front trigger then bump the stock, the safety turns itself back and doesnít allow me to pull the second trigger. Is this something I can service on my own? I havenít tried to open the action up yet.
Posted By: WBLDon Re: Boxlock safety resetting after first shot - 10/25/20 05:01 AM
If this is a top slide safety, when you put it on or take it off do you feel resistance and does it feel as though there is a detent to hold it in each position? If not the spring that puts tension on the safety may be broken or slipped out of place. Just had this happen on a buddies gun, replacing the spring fixed the issue.
Bending the safety also works if it is not broken...Geo
Or the securing screw is loose ! Had that before.
Remove the stock and I imagine the problem will reveal itself. Safties are pretty simple. Bet itís a loose screw inside or weak spring. If itís a loose screw put some blue Loctite on it.
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