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Posted By: gunut V Bernardelli - 05/23/21 10:40 PM
Anybody know if John Boyd/Quality Arms still handles Bernardelli accessories from when he imported them back in the 90s....I could use a set of 12ga choke tubes for the model 112 SxS.....
Posted By: arrieta2 Re: V Bernardelli - 05/26/21 12:48 PM
I can honestly say I have no idea where a person might find extra choke tubes. I do know Briley will custom make them if you have one to go by


JOhn Boyd
Quality Arms
Posted By: gunut Re: V Bernardelli - 05/26/21 04:07 PM
thanks John...I will give Briley a call....I do have a skeet and IC tube.....but would like a mod and imp mod....Dave
Posted By: mark Re: V Bernardelli - 05/27/21 01:21 AM
Many Italian guns use Mobile chokes same as Beretta.
Posted By: gunut Re: V Bernardelli - 05/31/21 12:39 AM
Its a shame Bernardelli decided to be the odd dog out....will probably end up ordering a couple custom made from Briley....
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