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Posted By: RichardBrewster Henry Atkin for sale below $2K! - 05/25/21 05:10 PM
I am selling a 12 gauge Henry Atkin with 28" sleeved barrels in excellent condition, high shootable dimensions and light carry weight well under 7 lbs.. Border engraved lock plates. This gun was originally purchased and owned by Lord Philip Chetwode, a WWI Field Marshal whose initials "P.C." are on the stock oval. I have hunted with this wonderful gun.

My Henry Atkin is now consigned to Safari Outfitters Ltd. for $2495. If you buy it from Safari Outfitters, I will give you an additional discount/rebate of $500, making your total cost under $2K. For pictures and further details go to

Any questions? Feel free to contact me or (917) 647-3205
Posted By: Vol423 Re: Henry Atkin for sale below $2K! - 05/29/21 04:47 PM
I bought it. A very nice English sidelock by a well known maker. No issues at all. what’s not to like?
Posted By: Brian Re: Henry Atkin for sale below $2K! - 06/04/21 04:09 PM
very nice.
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