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Posted By: 67galaxie WTB - 05/31/21 05:08 PM
Full and mod Lyman Cutts Compensator choke for a winchester model 42.
Posted By: arrieta2 Re: WTB - 06/01/21 09:34 PM
Check with Annette Freer at Freer gun shop Houston, TX


I know for a fact that they use to have some cutts. Not sure now, worth a call

John Boyd
Posted By: Stanton Hillis Re: WTB - 06/01/21 09:57 PM
Gettin' the 42 ready for dove season, eh Keith? wink

Show my buddy Geo. what a .410 can do.
Posted By: 67galaxie Re: WTB - 06/01/21 11:36 PM
We are gonna keep Geo on the double guns. It isnt fair to the birds to put him on an old pump.
Posted By: Geo. Newbern Re: WTB - 06/02/21 02:28 PM
Ain't nobody suckering me into taking a knife to a gunfight...Geo
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